LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 1.13.16

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 1.13.16
January 13th, 2016


Erik Conover
PO Box 1296
NY, NY 10028

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45 Replies to “LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 1.13.16”

  1. kristen elle

    oh, erik, you and your sushi ren this week! heh. also, is your 90 day challenge, literally working out every day for 90 days? or do you get a rest day or two every week?

  2. Driana Diaz

    You know you talked about not being confident or feeling like you are capable of doing something and that's how I feel at the moment. Ice always wanted to make a YouTube channel for YEARS. Every time I had a camera I would film little videos for myself or even on my phone. And now that I have the chance and equipment to do so, I don't feel like I can do it. I make excuses for myself and you're right… What's the worst that can happen? I've already had random people I watch supporting me and my whole family and my boyfriend! Idk. I kind of just made this comment long.

  3. a saj

    I had a really great day too! you know those days where u experience different things and love them. I've decided to go and try different things more often 🙂
    Also great vlog, as always. I really enjoyed watching this one in particular!

  4. Kid Yie Wong

    Hello from Malaysia! I had been a silent watcher of your vlogs when I stumbled upon one of your NYC tour video (which sadly is private now). Anyway, I found myself eagerly waiting for your vlogs and you always have this positive attitude which is why I love your vlogs. Don't stop vlogging! 🙂

  5. sktyasue

    You look super nice with the new haircut 🙂 I love the first few weeks of "freshly cut" period! Jessica's comment on her snapchat tho lol

  6. M G

    I'm finally caught up! I've started watching your vlogs from the very beginning and now I've watched every single one. I love the message of positivity you, Erik, and Jessica share through these videos. I feel happier after watching you both every time!

  7. instantsiv

    Why is youtube pushing this channel on me? They're almost always in the videos to the right and there's 2-5 videos in the recommended section on the homepage.

  8. Kenna Hodgson

    I completely relate to your comments about not feeling qualified. I'm in sales and in the past I've missed great opportunities by thinking that a prospect wouldn't be interested, only to find out later that they would have. it takes courage, but this year one of my resolutions is to believe in myself, be bold and to go after what I want. Ps #nicehair

  9. Karla Simunovic

    "Meet someone who is like minded and talk about ideas… Not people who talk about people but who talk about ideas" Yesss agreed. Love watching these vlogs! They remind me to stay positive (:

  10. DustinTunes

    Amazing job staying motivated Erik. You help many others stay motivated as well, wether its Working out, moving to New York, or pushing for goals, thank you. Also yes humans can do anything they desire, never doubt yourself. This physical reality is so malleable and flexible we can create any reality we want to experience. Keep up the great work and thank you again.

  11. wimbletone

    Erik we have the same hair hahahaha cheers! but I brush mine all the way to the back instead of to the side

  12. howulikedemrice

    Erik! Don't worry. It's not your job to decide if you're qualified or not. Many places these days, they will train you or teach you how to do the job they way they want it done. What they're looking for is a person they can get along with, someone who will learn and pick things up quickly and is a hard worker ( that's you ). Go apply at google 🙂

  13. TheDoris xx

    about google job—>If you not try you will never find out… Let this be your New Year resolution… apply at google 🙂

  14. Rosy Diamonds

    ok minute 3:20 totally sums up my feelings on conversations! I want to talk about inspirational stuff with my friends but most of the time they just want to gossip or complain about thins 🙁 Note to self; year 16, will focus on finding friends who are more positive

  15. Cory Stierley

    EMFC!!!!! I'm so happy for you and Jess! You've really done a great job turning things around for yourself! Keep up the great work, brother. one love.

  16. Bubbalicious_the_ Bulldogge

    Take Anthony's advice and share your talents! Love your haircut!! 50k subs!!! Yaasss!!

  17. Bushra Hashem

    Erik is one of those guys who has a normal kind of routine day and at the end he says that was one of the best days! He's the kind of guy who looks at the little details for happiness, such a great spirit!

  18. Tiddler

    You should go for it Erik, I was 19 and I applied for a job in IBM, One of the biggest companies in the world. I had not much experience at all in Sales but people buy from people. I got the job and now 10 years later I am a manager in Oracle. Google would be lucky to have you, confidence is everything, you are a very nice person and very creative, so go for it, if you don't ask you do not get. Every interview is an experience and if its meant to be it is meant to be. What is for you, will not pass you buy. BE MORE CONFIDENT!!!!!!

  19. Mayra Ron

    Hi, i love your videos. I watch them everytime i can. You are a beautiful couple. I wanted to know how you prepare your oatmeal 🙂 it looks so good! Jess you are amazing and so funny 😀 Greetings from Ecuador

  20. Elinor

    Eric I was at Google at the same day got a tour from a friend and I saw you walking into the elevator, felt bad i didn't say hi, love your Chanel.

  21. Haydens space

    Erik you seem so happy when you are at Google in your vlogs you should listen to him and apply for a job that would be so cool…GOOOGLE imagine working at Google like someone asks where you work you say Google

  22. Reagan Lincoln

    I think you have to specify at the barber's shop for them to not touch the side burns if you don't want that look. Came across Erik's vlogs by accident and now i'm hooked binge watching the old ones too. There goes my free time 🙂

  23. Mikhail Juntilla

    When Erik said he used the tree as a tripod, I thought about a "treepod" and giggled. You guys make my day and taught me to smile more 🙂

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