Sorry for the clickbait

Sorry for the clickbait
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Another video I felt urged to record. I would like to take some moments to go back and apologise for some of my actions that I’m personally embarrassed over me having done or said.

Clickbait or vague titles are one of those.

I wanted to let you in on why so many YouTubers do actually do this. Hopefully it helps you understand into the complicated minds and processes that some of us undertake and how sometimes we all do things we aren’t necessarily proud of, probably because our psychological buttons are really being messed with.

Thank you for watching.

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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49 Replies to “Sorry for the clickbait”

  1. Tânia Seixas

    It's ok to be wrong sometimes if you learn something from that! I will keep watching you videos, i am very diferent from you but i really like your personality! Send you some love, you are a beautiful soul! ♥

  2. Versatile Horsemanship

    Thank you for making this video. It’s a breath of fresh air. I feel like the algorithm is a huge gamble and I need to stay on top of it all the time. It drives me nuts that only 30% of my viewers are actually subscribed, yet many of them are dedicated viewers (like my dad for example 🤦‍♀️). Do you find it’s the same for you too? I tell myself all the time to just keep doing what I love and create what I want to create, numbers are not so important.

  3. Laura Lawrence

    Sorelle, I turned on the bell to get your notifications because I loved your energy. Lately I enjoy watching your journey as your career unfolds. It is interesting to me as a career strategist and recruitment consultant. I am always fascinated with what drives people and brings them career satisfaction. You are a joy to watch. Much love ❤

  4. RMH ART

    This was really nice to see you talk about this! I don’t have much of a following on YT but even as someone just starting out it can be really hard when so much work goes into videos and they get 10 views hahah I love making the videos but I get so excited sharing anything I create with people 😅😊In saying that I look back at my first videos and I’m like yeah that’s pretty crap lol but it’s definitely important to remember why we create in the first place and to just have fun with it! I have noticed the more videos I make the more I feel like myself and the one or two people I see returning to my videos is the best feeling 😊😊 I hope you remember why you started and get back to that awesome feeling of just creating what makes you happy 😊🙌 I love your channel and content!

  5. bobsuruncle

    Thank you for discussing the benefits to the creators of clicking / smashing the bell… as an aspiring YouTube creator, this was informative… cause yah… sometimes you want to maximize the algorithm, while, at the same time, you just want to create what you live or what you think would benefit your viewers…

  6. The Big Screen Theory

    Ahhh thanks thanks for being real 🙂 I subbed during the Greenland-videoes in 2016, before I went there myself (this is how I found you), but then unsubbed because I lost you in the grow. I am relieved to see the two latest videos tho.

  7. Kiwi

    I always wondered why you used 'clickbaity' titles because when i watched your videos you seemed like a person who wouldn't use them, that confused me and made me even stop watching your videos for a while because i don't like the feeling of beeing manipulated. Then i started again because i like you and your content not BECAUSE of the titles but IN SPITE of the title.
    So it is so funny right now watching this video where you explain your thoughts and it makes sense now.
    Just do what you love, everything will work out. I think even going in this direction with your videos resonates with so many people already.
    You go girl, transitioning is always scary but you are awesome and we love that. Just be you.

  8. Lauric Chambion

    If this person is the woman you are currently becoming Sorelle, continue like that. You are an incredible human being and you are on the right path to improve yourself even more 🙏

  9. ON Family

    I just want to say I have never felt like your videos have ever been clickbait. I click on your videos because of your personality and to check in and see what Sorelle is up to!

  10. Kombi Life

    Thank you Sorelle for being so open and honest about this! We are feeling this hard at the moment and it helps to know that we are not alone in feeling the pain of the YouTube game 🙏💛 We love your work!

  11. KelluKrõmps

    Sorelle! Hi! :D, I used to turn on the bell for the channels that I liked, but then it just kept "dingig" and it eventually annoyed me so much, that now I just go search for my favorite youtubers to see how they're doing. And you are among my favorites! Yayyy! 😍 I was listening to you today and I just would like to say that I think the pain you descirbed is not only something the youtubers experience. You feel it, because you want to do something great, something that matters, right. Not just pour stuff out for people to watch. So, it seems to me that this pain is a common thing for any other field of specialty, whether you are and artist, a welder, some kind of a craftsmen, a cook, a teacher. So, people like you are unsure, most of the time about what they're doing, because they know they could do better. If their work is not noticed like it use to be – something must be wrong, I need to fix it. Someone has stolen the spotlight from me, crap! What could I do make things matter again? Do I still matter?!… you know how it goes, right! And checking the statistics to improve or grow your business – doing it for the views, it is part of staying relevant. But if it becomes the main thing and stays the main thing, then yeah, eventually …. I would always love to see the real person, not just business. Anyway, to make long story short: Seems to me that you have found a way to people's hearts and I still would like to see your wonderful content, so thumbs up for Sorelle 😀👍

  12. Blueternity

    Hey Sorelle! If you haven’t heard, MrBeast is planting 20 MILLION trees by 2020, but he needs the internet’s help! 20 million trees would do so much for the plant, and they’ve already raised over 5 million (from the website) as of right now. Please help us accomplish this goal!!!

  13. NY NY

    Hello! I only stumbled on your video because of the "fat" clickbaity title but you know what? We are not dumb and after watching more of your other videos, i am really glad the universe helped you reach out to me although in the manner you never (and still shouldn't feel proud of?) But milk has been spilled. Forgive yourself, the others who have a problem should carry on with their unforgiving selves as if they are saints?? Hehe. Thank you so much. I am curious are you introvert or extrovert? I wonder if i could ever open up to an anonymous world like youtubers do.. 🙂

  14. Martita

    I love your channel but Matt D’Avella admiration I completely don’t understand. He does not strike me like a genuine, honest person. I have really tried to watch his videos, many of the issues he puts in the titles close to my heart, but I have found no real value in it. He repeats the obvious, but what’s in my opinion worse, he is safe, commercial, shallow in his “wisdom”. Often he also talks about a very serious issues with no actual knowledge about them, making people with life threatening problems confused. He packages all of that in the easy to swallow pill, so many times seen before. I hope that in your new search to find yourself and how to be on this platform you will not be influenced by him, and him like people. There is just too much of this “trick you for some new viewers” creators on youtube, who want to talk about the right things in the wrong way. I wish you will not try to become this cause your openness, vulnerability and passion seem real and true to me, and I would continue watching your videos in whatever direction they go as long as you don’t loose it. We need more visionary and inspirational people than just commercial “creators” like Matt.

  15. OutDoorzFam

    Not your case, you don’t need clickbait, I believe everyone here can agree that we watch your videos because of you! Who and how you are, not the title or content. 😙 But thanks for making a video about this subject it can really bring relief to many youtubers

  16. Michal Olender

    I've been following you for a while Sorelle, but since you "came out", I pressed the bell button, you're the first YouTuber for whom I've pressed that bell button.
    EDIT: I wrote that ^, before you said turn on the bell XD

  17. Sina Sofie

    If I could I would hit the Notification Bell for you twice. :'D
    No matter where you are, in what kind of mood you have been, what kind of content you want to show. It'll be always helpful and inspiring for others. I like honesty, and with that we should begin. Be yourself, do what you love, even though it means you won't create any new content for a few weeks, just give a short notice and no one has to be worried. For so many you feel like a friend and friends care about each other. ♥

  18. Kimberly

    I watched your other video as well, and as someone who NEVER comments (this is literally my first one) I can tell you, "the rest of us" are absolutely not rolling our eyes! We're enjoying your content and don't think about leaving a comment.

    Also, you're the first for who I pressed the notification bell 😀 never realised the impact. Keep it up! <3

  19. Anastasia Yu

    Sorelle, you are to stay in my heart since the moment I fell in love with your personality. Whether you post or not! If you worry about your relevance to people, here’s the answer, and not just mine I bet.
    A question of money is a bit different indeed and thank you for sharing your thoughts in this vid! I guess a good viewpoint would be that when there is happiness in what you’re doing, money will follow. This thought is comforting – and I believe it to be true.
    Much love! <3

  20. Debby B

    Sorelle you are wonderful. Also, I just saw this video by Currently Hannah called "If travel influencers were HONEST" and it is pure gold on what you're talking about here. She does an incredible job talking about how travel youtubers/influencers can make their videos look amazing but the truth behind it. You should definitely see it.

  21. Jai Cilento I Love That Guy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋

    ☼ come on now. YTers dont have brains. Or feelings…do they? This is a lot to learn at once. You know, today i noticed AGAIN heaps of channels have auto unsubd me. Ones i watch still all the time. & even more have turned my bell to "sometimes" instead of "all". Possibly that is every channel i follow, it seems to be every one i check. I also found some where it was still on always, but they have been posting daily & i thought their channel was ded. Ive noticed scrolling thru my subs page more channels im not subd to, w/topics i googled or mentioned in an email, but have not looked for here. YT is the gosh darn worst. All platforms are. You cant trust ANY of the numbers. Bc we dont know what they represent.

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