Chocolate & Scottish Whisky Together?? | Dewars Aberfeldy Distillery Tour | Perth, Scotland [Ad]

Scottish whisky is world renowned but with chocolate? Today we head to Dewars Aberfeldy Distillery for a tour to see why Scotland is known for it’s whisky and pair with chocolate! ⬇ More Below ⬇

Welcome back to Scotland! Today we wanted to learn more about why Scottish whisky is so well known, so we head to Dewars Aberfeldy for a distillery tour and tasting with chocolate pairings and what a day!

Whisky from Scotland is world renowned and we can understand why now. The distillery tour was eye opening to see how meticulous the process is and the love that goes into every bottle. We’re honestly not big spirit drinkers but Dewars definitely positioned their distillery tour and whisky tasting to us in a way that was much more approachable – with chocolate! It’s crazy how much the chocolate changes the profile of the whisky and now we’re both a lot more open to whisky.

Having all the notes listed in front of us helped with the tasting as well, to an untrained drinker (us both haha) we really feel like our eyes are open to whisky now and will be looking for the Scottish magic around the world.

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Disclaimer: This was a partnership with VisitScotland, Perth and Kinross councils. Of course as always our opinions, content and experiences are genuine.

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31 Replies to “Chocolate & Scottish Whisky Together?? | Dewars Aberfeldy Distillery Tour | Perth, Scotland [Ad]”

  1. caw25sha

    My dad was an engineer and had several Scotch distilleries as clients. When I was a student I worked for him in the holidays and we spent a few days at Grants in Dufftown. They gave him an old barrel to cut in half and put plants in, and we drove back to London with it in the back of his estate car in the middle of summer. This was before cars had aircon and the car reeked of whisky for weeks. Can you get drunk on fumes?

  2. Lulu 1266

    Super liked this. Firstly you observed the very strict drink driving laws in Scotland and that is a credit to you… and then (as I just find that whisky gives me tummy ache) you did a cracking review of a wonderful distillery. The chocolate did look rather yummy and the whole experience was proper interesting. Thanks for taking me along 🙂

  3. Rex Waldron

    Loved this! I've always loved whisky and have tried more types than I can remember. I can absolutely confirm that whisky and chocolate is a thing, because our Sunday afternoon treat is to pour a whisky, select some dark chocolate, open a good book and CHILL! That hotel was fantastic – you guys really know how to select your accommodation 🙂

  4. Gary Mcatear

    As a Scotsman you might be suprised to hear i hate whisky, it's like drinking fire in my opinion and i don't think any amount of chocolate will change my view of it lol. Actually i hate the taste of all alcohol, i don't understand how people can drink the stuff, i will stick to Scotlands other national drink…the good auld Irn-Bru.

  5. Anca Cornelia

    I know you visited Romania already but the landscapes in your last videos are similar to Brașov County area, also some other parts of Transylvania and Bucovina (north-eastern Romania). Maybe one day you will come. If you do, I can show you arounds in Brașov, my hometown. (one of the most beautiful city in Romania)

  6. JuicyVeganDwarf

    My first ever job in Scotland was working in Aberfeldy at Fishers Laundry. The company is still going but the Aberfeldy one is now closed down.

    Love Aberfeldy but hated working there. Long, cold, hard days. I spend a lot of time up around Loch Tay. My friend put his mums ashes up in Glen Lyon too so I visit there quite regularly and Killin is nice with the Falls of Dochart and the Folklore Museum.

  7. Sylvia Austin

    Your such a lovely couple , I really enjoy your trips and the effort you put in and you always explain every little detail. I often come on YouTube to see Scotland as I’ve decided to move from Manchester in England to Thurso , Caithness overlooking the orkneys. Thankyou guys keep up the good work and stay safe xx

  8. Shane Johnson

    I dare you to visit and explore Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰 it would boost your views and earn bunch of subscribers quickly In few days lots of love from USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. VanTastic Traveling

    Hey Dane and Stacey, Just found your channel and watched a bunch of your video's and they're amazing!! We're traveling in Scotland as well and spent a lot of time in the Perthshire area and actually worked in the whisky industry for a while. So very nice to see you two enjoing a proper whisky tasting!
    We have a lot of catiching up to do on your video's, can't wait! We're planning to do some more traveling and want to see more of Europe, so we'll use your videos for some tips!
    Love Leon and Miek

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