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31 Replies to “FEMALE TRAVEL TIPS”

  1. Sonia lopez napoleon

    Saying things to women in the streets like "bella" is NOT culture, anywhere, is awfull and you should NOT ACCEPT it and not get used to. Im from spain and if we acept theese things its only going to get worse.

  2. Helen Bailey

    Nice video Nadine!

    Some women can be put off traveling solo due to hearing so many scare stories, but sadly they'd be missing out on so much in life.

    I'd like to add though that I strongly believe that we solo female travelers should know ways to defend ourselves if we are ever being attacked. Not all of us have time to take self defense classes however, so I'd like to share some tips which I have learned. There are very effective ways for women for fighting off even the strongest of men.

    I've been taking Krav Maga for women classes for self-defense and I've learned that the best self- defense targets on a mans body for women, and the best ways of striking them are as follows:

    – the eyes (finger poke them)
    – the nose (palm heel strike upwards)
    – the throat (chopping like actions)
    – the testicles (knee / kick / punch / slap / grab-twist-pull and hold on to them tightly until he collapses and passes out within a matter of seconds)
    – the knees (sideways kick to dislocate)

    I've been taught that even a trained, determined teenage girl could easily take down a man if she goes for these targets, especially if she goes fast and hard for the eyes or the testicles (or "high balls" and "low balls" as I've also heard them called.)

    If he's removed his trousers and he is about to rape you, then his testicles will now be extremely vulnerable to a "grab, twist, pull and hold" counterattack, and you should keep squeezing and pulling them as hard as you can (you can even use both hands, and it's still just as effective even if you only manage to get hold of one testicle) until he passes out in under 8 seconds.

    When a man has his testicles forcefully squeezed it causes him to curl over and quickly lose all of his strength before he collapses, and this holds true no matter how big and strong he is – which is great for us women to know about and take advantage of if we're being attacked by a man. This technique has actually saved many women throughout the world.

    We can all fight back effectively and stay safe if we know how and where to strike on an attackers body.

  3. kate_loves_Christ

    As 'an intermittently solo' world traveler since 1981, I concur with most of your Great, Practical Advice – Kudos for an excellent video ! ! ! Thank you !!! The World sure has Changed a Great Deal since I first began my Travels !! – Still it IS a Marvelous World to see !!! { solo or not Pooing on those Hole In The Floor Toilets of the 3rd world Can be a challenge to Westerners 😀 }

  4. alteredillusions100

    I am not female but I love collab videos. Great tip about the emergency phone number, also like the cultural differences, and the act like you know where you going

  5. Beatriz Macri de Campos

    The big question is: how to clean the diva cup in a hostel? I heard you need to boil water in a specific little pan

  6. meghan farrell

    Great video! Some really great tips! I also just got this app Jetzy. I use it while traveling to get recommendations for cool local restaurants and things to do directly from the local people. It could be something to check out. Here is the link http://bit.ly/downloadjetzy.

  7. molebird

    When I was in New Dehli there were separate sections of the train (light rail) solely for women and sections of the platform for women also. These were often less crowded than other sections too.

  8. Tru Neilson

    Love the idea of a diva cup, just take 2 denture cleaning tabs (not mint flavor/ No flavor). Its hard to sanitize while traveling but the tabs will sanitize in 5 min.

  9. T, Family

    Thanks for this video. How do you keep your passport and money safe when you are at the beach in another country?

  10. Ardo Arreh

    One tip I know of is if you go out alone as a female, try to go with other people fro the same hostel or accommodation. And you get unwanted offers for drinks from others, tell them that you're being the "designated driver" for that night.

  11. Iva Bayyy

    Hiii 🙂 Thank you so much for this video ladies <333
    I am eighteen and i am planning to go for my first solo trip to France ( because i want to improve in my french language skill) during the summer for like 2 and half weeks, unortunately, my mum is super worried and anxious about me( her little baby) going alone to some foreign country. Any tips how to convince her to let me go ? Once again, thank you :)))

  12. Dorna Fatin

    Hey guys, if Im travelling alone and want a picture, is it safe to ask a person passing by to take a picture? I've done it when in a group but never when I'm alone. Thaaanks


    you ladies might try bring scarfs you can wear the same clothes 2 or 3 days and just change your scarf. plus scarfs pack light

  14. Andrea Curtis

    I just found my birth mom on facebook 9 months ago and im going to be flying for the first time what are some type for the airport and flying its my am traveling alone

  15. Sook Wilson

    I usually try to sit @ the back of a taxi instead of the front seat, I had a Bad experience in Bangkok

  16. Tasnuba Tazeen

    nighttime isn't safe anywhere even if it's your country and men stares on local girls too and if they see foreigners their head turns 360

  17. Tami Ferreira

    Heyy ! Greeting from Brazil 🙂
    This is applicable here to everyday life. You are ready to come here 😀

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