PEAKS OF EUROPE | Northern Spain Travel Vlog | Picos De Europa National Park Asturias

Picos De Europa was the first National Park in Spain, known as the Peaks of Europe. This travel vlog is from Asturias in Northern Spain …⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ✈ Learn to travel full-time:

As if the North of Spain couldn’t get any better, we’re introduced to Picos De Europa, the first National Park in Spain known in English as the Peaks of Europe. The highlight of the park could be the views, the greenery or the full blown wildlife floating around – but it’s all about the glacial lakes. Theres 2 enormous glacial lakes at the peak, or there abouts, the National Park that really have to be seen to be believed.

Heading to Picos De Europa from Asturias was a pretty easy trip and a nice day of travel through the mountains. In this vlog we also travel to Gijon, a popular Spanish coastal town. The Peaks of Europe are obviously massive and take up a lot of ground, so having a car to explore and visit Gijon in the same day was vital.

This was our first time seeing the North of Spain and we loved it – it feels untapped, there’s less people, less tourism and so much more to appreciate without the hustle. For a full read on what to do with 48 hours in Asturias check out our blog post:

Northern Spain Tours should be the next thing you Google, find a way to get here soon!

Thanks to Spain Tourism and Turismo Asturias for inviting us to explore the North of Spain and share how amazing it is!


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33 Replies to “PEAKS OF EUROPE | Northern Spain Travel Vlog | Picos De Europa National Park Asturias”

  1. Rex Waldron

    That landscape is just stunning. I love the greenery broken up by craggy rock faces. Gijon looks amazing – that waterfront is pretty special. I can really see you guys doing one of your long stays in this region. It strikes me as having a lot to offer and you need time to unpack all of that, so a Daneger and Stacey long stay would be unmissable!

  2. The Mamuchos

    The north of Spain is the best. We love Asturias. We are happy you liked it and share your experience 🙂

  3. Konrad Russa

    have you been thinking about jinns in Morocco, Marrakesh, or arctic northern lights in Tromso, Norway ?

  4. Charles Moore

    Really cool video.
    We still have Chiang Mai and Cuenca as our top retirement cities, but Spain and Portugal look interesting too.
    Thx !

  5. Cris Álvarez

    Nooo, don't spread the word, Asturias is one of our most secret and beautiful places in Spain! (hope you had a great time 😉

  6. Me

    Almost all the towns in Cebu are named after the towns in Spain. Thanks for sharing the whole story behind. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 [your avid fan from the PH]

  7. Travellers Relish

    I have a thing for bridges and that one looked pretty awesome. Am loving how beautiful and chill the place is.

  8. Ainhoa Hernán Cortés

    Gracias por no poner música flamenca o de Latinoamérica como siempre ponen cuando hablan de España. Y lo dice una chica del sur, Andalucía.

  9. Ricky Parra

    I'm heading to Barcelona in March and originally was just planning to stay near the city, but I think I'll have to rent a car now and take a few days to head here!! Absolutely gorgeous! 😀 Do you happen to remember the name of the lakes you saw?

  10. tormeslc

    Very nice videos about Asturias, thank you very much for them. Just one detail: at min 4:30, it was planned to be and orphanage for tha miners orphans children but soon later they decided to became it into an university, La Universidad Laboral de Gijón.

  11. Óscar Nava

    For next time you came to Asturias, I suggest you go to visit Bulnes, Lastres and walk by "la senda del oso" (The bear path…), also eat the cachopo…

  12. Fer Alonso

    You can feel at home in the North of Spain…
    "A team from Oxford University has discovered that the Celts, our country’s indigenous people, are descended from a tribe of Iberian fishermen who crossed the Bay of Biscay 6,000 years ago. DNA analysis reveals they have an almost identical genetic “finger print” to inhabitants of coastal regions of Spain whose own ancestors migrated north between 4,000 and 5,000 BC.!

  13. Irene Gómez Romero

    This makes me feel so proud of my country and its beautiful landscapes!. As you can see Spain isn't only "fiesta" it's got so much more hidden!!☺🇪🇸

  14. Ave César!

    There are a lot of places to visit… The Museo de la Minería, Avilés, Lastres, Cudillero, the Museo del Jurásico…. There are dinosaur fingerprints on the coast… the prehistoric caves like Tito Bustillo in Ribadesella and the International canoing competition there in August… Besides some Roman camps have been discovered in the southern mountains… Dont forget "los Lagos de Somiedo" with a Lord of the Rings landscape and round " Celtic" cottages…and so on. Thanks for your visit, not many people know northern Spain

  15. Francisco Javier Crespo

    It's beautiful, thanks for this video. I live in Madrid, but I haven't ever travelled to the north of Spain.
    I've been unemployed 15 of the last 25 years, so I cannot afford it.

  16. Fernando Solano

    Have you been to the Basque Country? You have to go there. The food is amazing and the landscapes are breathtaking. It's not so far from Asturias and really worth It.

  17. angel pereira

    people only know the South and the Mediterranean because people come looking for sun and beach and cheap beers. And the north is very beautiful, although the weather in winter is a little unbearably, those landscapes are normal enough snow

  18. Carlos Gm

    I have bad news for you both…. you discovered just a 10% of the paradise. The good news are that you are welcome to come back!

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