I Went Shopping Without Checking The Prices… In New York City

I took going shopping without checking the prices to a whole new level by going to New York City.
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My original Checking The Prices video:
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stupid overpriced things that I bought:
IRO Shirt:
Naked Cashmere:
Modern Citizen:
Caban Shirt:
Balenciaga Bag:

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31 Replies to “I Went Shopping Without Checking The Prices… In New York City”

  1. vanessa andrews

    I know it’s not thanksgiving anymore but I am thankful that my twin sister had a baby which gave me the opportunity to be on my own. I left my dads house to move to CO and take care of my niece. So it feels good to breathe a little!

  2. sydney shae

    I am so thankful that I am able to go to school in Music City to study the music industry. I would be living life suffering if I couldn’t be doing what I’ve always dreamed of. So thankful. @/ sydneyshaeharp

  3. abby stuart

    im thankful for my family and boyfriend helping me back up when i tried taking my life 2 years ago. they have made me stronger as a person and im forever grateful

    Instagram : @aabbystuart

  4. Jacquelyn Kuncl

    I am thankful for family most of all. I have no idea what I’d do without them & sometimes we can overlook how lucky we are in life. I’ve realized how thankful I truly am for each & every one of them!
    ig: jacquelynkuncl

  5. Bri Solie

    I’m thankful to have a healthy and happy family during the holiday season. I know for some it is a difficult and lonesome time, so I am incredibly grateful that the holidays are happy for me!

  6. izzy gilliam

    hi monica! i am thankful for my mom because she has always been there for me through our tough times and i sincerly cannot show or say how much gratitude i have for her. happy late thanksgiving everyone!!!

  7. Sif Madsen-Østerbye

    it is obviously when one buy good quality-clothing the prize is a bit higher… 110$ for a white t-shirt is normal for a shirt maked under proper work conditions with proper materials … unlike stores like Zara etc. … dont understand what the bozz is all about … and btw, The “silk skirt” is made from polyester… therefore it is not a ‘silk’ skirt

  8. Sierra Noelle

    Love these videos so much! I'm thankful that I have a job this year, even though that sounds really lame. Last year I was between jobs and it was such a struggle, but this year I've gotten it (a little more) together and I'm happy about that!
    instagram: SierraaNoelle

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