moving out vlog | the end of a chapter

welp. this is it. let’s see whats next♡

with love,
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How old am I? 21 years old
How tall am I? 6’0
What filming equipment do I use?
What editing software do I use? Adobe Premiere Pro

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49 Replies to “moving out vlog | the end of a chapter”

  1. anya

    well you best be knowing i cried like a baby watching this !! my whole life i've moved and lived in so many different places but it's never any easier being in the midst of a chapter closing and another one beginning. i know we don't know each other but i adore you Elena and have loved watching you for all this time and the best part is there's still so much more to come. keep going and cry when you feel like it and always say yes to all the adventures that come your way. you've such a radiant soul and i can't wait to see where the wind takes ya! big hugs from australia x

  2. Tairyin Morganne

    You live my dream life Elena. I have been dreaming of moving and traveling the world and being on my own like you are doing. I have one question, how do you afford to travel and live in such wonderful places?

  3. Vic Cast

    Literally sitting her crying because I went to Biola and that was my life and my feelings towards leaving school and the friends who shaped me

  4. ur local loser

    this is my dream. living in a beach bungalow type of place for a bit, then just freely traveling until my heart cant take it anymore. i just dont know how to make any of this happen 😭

  5. Daniela Mar

    I can't believe I'm crying, this is so sad but I'm so happy for you 😭💕 wish you the best in this new chapter of your life

  6. Alice Garcia

    That's so sad!! but wishing you all the best in future <3 also do you mind if asked what were you studying?

  7. Renske

    I cried when you started saying goodbye to everything:( ever since you released that house tour video your place has been my dream home, and now it’s gone😭😭

  8. Alejandra Melendez

    omg elena, i wish you so much luck in this new chapter of ur life!!!! hope to wake up one day living in that beautiful space, so magic, and full of things that mother nature gives to us (the avocado three, eggplants, the sea so close to the house, the sun)
    im really happy and excited for whats coming next for you!!!
    sending ypu the best vibes from PERU

  9. Heaven Toms

    Ahhh I started crying when you said goodbye to everything. I'm excited for you to start this new chapter in your life, though!!

  10. riri riah

    Awe this made me really sad that house give me really good vibes 😭 I wish you the best of luck good bless you

  11. Yohan Lobo

    It's great that you have kept all these memories with you that you, your children can watch. Stay blessed

  12. Francisca Cochofel

    I just moved countries (and continents) for school and am now living on my own, away from my family and friends I’ve had for the past 18 years and this video made me cry my soul out because I understand this feeling. But new adventures are ahead of you and I truly hope you’ll be happy

  13. Sara C

    This will be an amazing new start Elena!! Ly! Alsoo where are those overalls from? 😍 Lovee youu from Venezuelaa!!!❤️🇻🇪

  14. Clara Wa

    This video makes me sad, but I'm excited what happens in the future. 🙂
    And I wish you good luck for everything that lies ahead of you and I am looking forward to new travel videos. <3 <3

  15. Tiffany Lady

    This video made me cry so bad. Really miss my college besties! Best years in my life. I’m sad to see you leaving ur friends but also happy cuz you get such a beautiful future. Welcome to nyc ❤️

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