Food Of Mexico, Is It Good? | Playa Del Carmen Mexican Food Tour DIY

Mexican food is on a different level! Our first stop in Mexico is Playa Del Carmen and we’re on a DIY food tour, the tacos….⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

Creating our own DIY Mexican food tour has to be the best way to get introduced to Playa Del Carmen and Mexico! Enough tacos to feed us for days. We’ve both visited Mexico before, but separately, and didn’t really have the chance to go full food mode and taste the authentic Mexican dishes…. today that changes.

We’re spending some time in Playa Del Carmen so found some of the most local and well known spots for the authentic representation of Mexican food, some of them are definitely still a bit popular with tourists because of their reputation, but still very traditional feeling for the most part. Tacos are everywhere, but finding out where to get the most authentic tacos and the real flavours (unlike the taco mixes represented around the world) is vital!

So is the food in Mexico good? That’s pretty bloody obvious – it’s incredible! We could eat tacos for life.

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28 Replies to “Food Of Mexico, Is It Good? | Playa Del Carmen Mexican Food Tour DIY”

  1. Malik Barrow

    I always go for a Modelo, or Model Negro, over Corona. Don't feel bad for liking Corona if it remains your favorite though 😛
    I also prefer asada over pastor in tacos. I hope you guys were able to get Elotes!

  2. Cris Aes

    In Mexico a sandwich is slice bread a torta is made with like a panini type of bread to them that it is not the same a sandwich is a sandwich and a torta is a torta

  3. Itzia Boyar

    "DJ taco to jump in the mic" I died, hahaha. Guys, you're in seaside, try the seafood!! ceviche, aguachile, pulpo (octopus), camarones a la diabla (shrimp on a spicy sauce) you're missing out that too!. Check the restaurant "Mariscos y Clamatos El Doctorcito". Born and raise Mexican here 😉

  4. cmnweb

    In Mexico sandwich and tortas are two diferent stuffs…Tortas are bigger and have a lot of ingredients like Chorizo, Milanesa, a lot of cheese and vegtables and sanwitch are just ham, mayonese and two slices of milk bread

  5. Rex Waldron

    A classic Daneger and Stacey video! Doing your own thing off the beaten track – fantastic. I'm loving the look of Mexico and the food too. Classic moment at 12:47 Stacey – "Gimme my beer!"


    love how you guys say "play ya" Del Carmen and us Americans say "Pl eye uh" Del Carmen. I know you've left already but Pacifico is my favorite mexican beer. Although they all pretty much taste the same. I've spent A LOT of time in this part of the world. Cheers. Dan

  7. L F

    In my opinion Mexico is known for good natural cheese. Also corn tortillas are the best , Mexicans have even fought against companies like Monsanto or Bayer to keep them off their maiz ..

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