HOW TO TRAVEL MYANMAR – A Backpacking Documentary – Episode 3: YANGON to BAGAN


Come with us as we travel through Myanmar (aka Burma) visiting Hpa An, Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Hsipaw.

In this episode, we hitchhike from Yangon to Mandalay eventually getting to Bagan. Bagan is known for the abundant amount of ancient pagodas, temples, and monasteries. Most of this episode takes place in Bagan where we spend a few days exploring these ancient structures.

This is the first episode on my channel, but it’s the 3rd episode of a 4-part series. You can find Ep 1 and 2 are on The Budgeteers channel:

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The hotel we stayed in Bagan:
Hotel Yadanarbon –

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23 Replies to “HOW TO TRAVEL MYANMAR – A Backpacking Documentary – Episode 3: YANGON to BAGAN”

  1. Steve Yalo

    Hey guys! Thanks for watching! What did you think of this episode? If you enjoyed it, I'd love if you share it with a friend 🙂 Also, I post stories pretty much every day on Instagram, so if you want to stay up to date with my travels, you can follow me @steveyalo or just click this link:

  2. Charlene Ray

    Watched the whole series in one go. Proud Yagonite here, born & raised in Myanmar for nearly 30 years – yet you guys REALLY captured the real beauty of it! THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3

  3. Andrew Farmkid

    their roads are so confusing. how the hell is the driver's seat on the right side of the car yet its passing a left-seated road?

  4. Andrew Farmkid

    why do they speak so bad in English? didn't the british empire colonized them before. Those Englishmen never thought them English? Why?

  5. Hoa Nghiêm

    I’m planning to Myanmar this year! Thanks for your video, i love your energy^^ by the way, can you recommend which temple is the best for sunrise and sunset in Bagan?

  6. Nadine Hume

    Love you guys!!! Preparing my second big trip to Southeast Asia!!! Thanks for make me laugh…I travel alone, but with you two guys, to infinity and beyond hahahaha

  7. nay lin

    I'm kind of want to go back to visit for Burma I'm really standing up from your video and I Miss very much.

  8. Saw Soe Hla Kyi

    OMG! I am very jealous of you guys because I am from Myanmar but I have never been to there. You guys are lucky. I am happy to see you guys are happy and enjoy in the trip. Can you tell me that how much budget have you spend in Began? Can you give me the information about Hotel? Thank you Steve.

  9. Thomas Hildenbrand

    Steve, i know its not your fault. But im so tired when you always say "its so cheap, just 2 Dollars etc". My wife is from Myanmar and she earns around 35 Dollars per months. A health insurance isn't possible. Its such a privilege, living in western countries. But 2 Dollar ist quiet a lot of for the citizen over there. Please think about a bit …

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