Can you travel Bali with $100? Keeping Paradise Affordable

Bali can be traveled very affordably BUT today, we put it to the real test. How far can we stretch 100 USD while visiting some of the best of Bali? From surf breaks in Uluwatu, coffee shops in Canggu, to the waterfalls in the north, this is how you travel Bali in 2018 on a budget.

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Uploaded – 2018

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48 Replies to “Can you travel Bali with $100? Keeping Paradise Affordable”


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  2. Vira Pratiwi

    in my opinion Bali is the lowest area the unemployment rate is only 1.02% of all regions in Indonesia, and don't forget many tourists, and many beautiful places

  3. Patrick Downes

    Just as a tip – do not change your money at the airport. You'll get your eyeballs ripped out. USDIDR during Aug/Sept was around 14600-14900 which means this bloke got charged about 5-7% for the privilege of changing his money. Change your cash in town and shop around for your rate, especially if doing larger amounts than 100USD. Use a site like XE.COM to find the interbank USDIDR rate.

  4. Bratha Adi

    what the…. he is lie if taxi is hard to find. 250.000 – 500.000 rupiah to canggu is too expensive. Don't believe him.

  5. David French

    Are you afraid of staying in hostels, that people could go through your stuff and steal gear from you?

  6. karl partridge

    That's great that you can still travel Bali on the cheap. But look at the Balinese people and how they live and how you live back home.
    Just like here in my country (New Zealand ) the country relies on tourism etc. But what they and us ( Kiwis ) really want and appreciate is for you to …………………….
    SPEND!! SPEND!!! SPEND!!!! people !!
    You can do it just open that wallet just a few times more !!
    Otherwise we will get wise and target the rich Chinese tourist who are far easier to rip off and love spending money
    That may make life harder for the tightarse smelly backpacker who wants to see the world but don wanna pay for it

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