I went to London and enjoyed exploring Westminster, Kensington, and Camden. Got a chance to experience the London Eye and stroll through Trafalgar Square, and visit Westminster Abbey.

And OMG!!! I WAS YELLED AT IN LONDON!!! Here’s the video:

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All music by EpidemicSound

Camera that I use for my vlogs is a Canon G7X Mark ii –

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27 Replies to “LONDON FUN!!”

  1. Alex Pope

    Well done, Steph… but… (here’s the part where I nitpick about something I think you can improve on) …but I can’t think of anything here. I liked the music and the transitions with the music, I liked the amount of places you focused on, I even liked the personal bits you included. It was focused and balanced, professional from start to finish. I can see the effort you put into this one. Totally looking forward to your next one.

  2. asha velani

    Omg u times that peacock just right hahaha. Lovely vlog… glad u got to see london in all is glory. Xxx

  3. trapper008

    Thanks for sharing your trip to the London! such an awesome video! It looks amazing, and Omg That fooood look delicious! 🙂

  4. Andres Vanpelt

    OPEN Organization of Periscope Expecting to get Neglected 😀😙

    Loved the soundtrack when you were at the Park

  5. Kiffaer Long

    Steph. Not even one note about how the Eye of London is 1400 ft high? Thanks for the note about the food – I've always heard that English food is boiled, fried or generally lacking taste. Glad to know there's yummies to find even in jolly ol' England. 🙂

    You had a ton of great shots here. Glad you spent so much time on it. You made some great editorial decisions.

    ps. I knew it was a peacock just by the call, before you showed one. We have those in zoos here and their call is impossible to ignore. Note to anyone reading this who does not know: the peacocks with the big colourful set of feathers that fan out behind them are the males, not the females, they use the feathers to attract the females. And peacock is the name for the male, while the name for the female is the peahen. The more you know! 😉

  6. Everett Rice

    Nicely done, Steph. I just watched again with the wife and now she is so ready to plan a trip. Of course, she already had London on her bucket list. Now she has another argument for why we need to visit. I am sincerely impressed with your productions. Well done. On another note, I did love seeing American produce in the market. I also want a Steph balloon.

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