Flapper|Daisy Buchanan & Gatsby Halloween Tutorial! (Hair,Makeup&Outfit)

In an earlier video i had asked you guys if you wanted to see what i was being for halloween, and you all said yes! So here it is 🙂
In this video i show you a Daisy Buchanan or a “flapper” hair and makeup tutorial. Plus a Gatsby inspired couple costume with my boyfriend Patrick!
I hope you enjoy!

Where else to find me:

Patricks Twitter-


Instagram- tesschristinexo

Patricks Instagram- themoderngypsy


Products Used (In order of mention):
Maybelline Color Tattoo-Bad To the Bronze
Naked 2- YDK
Naked 2- Busted (plum shade)
Naked 2- Blackout (matte black)
Naked 2- Foxy (Beige shade)
Loreal Gel Liner
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Ardel Natural Lashes-117
Benefit Blush-Coralista
NYX Lip Liner-Cabaret
Mac Lip Stick- Diva (matte)

Hot Tools curling iron- 1 inch
LOTS of Bobby Pins

Head Band:
Sequined Trim-gold
Crystal Gems

*i sewed the elastic to the sequin trim and hot glued the gems

Feather: (hot glued everything together-it was super easy)
Beaded Detail (craft store)
Feathers (in the flower section of crafts direct) lol

Dress: Ebay (originally from Unique Vintage- look around because this site is very expensive, but has great decade outfits if you’re on the hunt and don’t mind spending the money)

*another option is a traditional fringe flapper dress which you can find in lots of halloween stores-it will still look just as good 🙂

Pearls: Windsor
Shoes: shoes.com

Ivory Linen Suit: Macy’s-brand is INC. We found this on sale for $40 marked down from over $100, so look on sale racks b/c this is a summer color/material.

Shirt: Macys
Vest: Topman
Tie: JCPenny

Disclaimer: Not Sponsored.

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44 Replies to “Flapper|Daisy Buchanan & Gatsby Halloween Tutorial! (Hair,Makeup&Outfit)”

  1. Lucie Rose

    Just one thing, The Great Gatsby took place in 1922, so the lipstick should be a true red, not really a berry shade. But other than that this is great! Thank you!

  2. Kayleigh Day

    thank you so much for posting this. We are doing Anything Goes at my school and I am so excited to use this look in my flapper number!

  3. Jess Sanchez


  4. Jody Hakala

    What an absolutely phenomenal video you made it was very classy as well put together well edited your hair I thought it looked really strange the beginning after you were done I just like it looks so amazing I love it a lot of work but long here absolutely love the beaded dress is worth probably before they sound for just so great to have and your boyfriend look great what a classy back to you guys are a can't wait dressing up 20s and 30s pieces are still coming back and lasting 2016

  5. vicky pd

    it's nice, I like it, but daisy wasn't a flapper, flapper were 20s women most commonly seen in magazines who who're short hair and had a flat figure, daisy was just a rich housewife

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  7. Jessica Buela

    hi I'm a fan from Manila Philippines I would love it if you will also feature vintage dresses or vintage fashion…:-) thanks and God Bless.

  8. Sharon Settlemyre

    Beautiful job on the eye make-up! I think I'll need help on my hair! Yours looks great! Overall fantastic tutorial! Thanks!

  9. Blah Blah

    Hi guys can anyone please tell me where I can buy her headband or at least one that's almost the same? I've been looking for something in that exact color and style and I can't seem to find it. I need it for a show asap, someone please respond!

  10. Eileen Clerkin

    I have a costume party tonight and I'm going as a flapper. I guarantee that my hair and makeup will not look as good as yours.

  11. Ashley Gwynn

    Wow, you guys look great! Your dress is fabulous! The tutorial was so clear and fun to watch! You make me believe in myself because you did such a good job! Alsooo, I wore the same shoes on my wedding day! Nice choice girl 😀 applause

  12. MJ and Patrick at the Cøld Fall Out Disco! Dragons

    Ive watched like 10 GG videos this has probably been my favourite great work xoxo

  13. Bibou SISI

    Cheers for this, I have been researching "vintage the flapper dresses 1920s" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Panadarson Flapper Falbala – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got cool success with it.

  14. ycyan1203

    I did my hair watching this video last weekend for a roaring 20s themed event and I succeeded! i love how my hair looked so so so much! I just have to say thank you !! and your costumes looks amazing, very useful video!

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