We Got Out of the Taxi…

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New here? We are full-time travel vloggers with a goal of visiting 100 countries before 2019. We make daily travel videos. In these videos you can expect to see the best foods and adventures of every country we visit. 😉

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the travel bug! We started traveling full-time January 10, 2016. While daily vlogging was not the original plan, we were having way too many cool experiences not to share every single day! Now travel vlogging is our full-time gig and we feel like we have the greatest job in the world! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. 🙂

We’ve pulled inspiration from several of our favorite travel vloggers on YouTube, such as: +CaseyNeistat +FunForLouis +Jon Olsson +Mr Ben Brown , and any other talented travel vloggers that YouTube’s algorithm will hopefully connect us with 😉

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35 Replies to “We Got Out of the Taxi…”

  1. Let's Explore and Travel

    Nate, I'm glad that you stood by your principles.  I'd rather walk a ton and end up spending more money than getting ripped off by that initial taxi driver.   In the end you'll have peace of mind and be stronger to handle other situation that may come.

  2. Brian Esposito

    Watching these out of order (is there a playlist from beginning to end?). Love the honestly on this~!

  3. Oleg Lishchenko

    I came across this YouTube channel and having the most fun following your adventures. Great job putting it together!
    Regarding taxi incident: don't expect they always have/use meters in Chile, Mexico etc. Instead, it's a good idea to agree on price before your ride. Better yet, have him write the amount on piece of paper, to avoid misunderstanding. It you don't have pesos, negotiate price in dollars. Avoid exchanging money with driver, more that needed for this trip. Also good idea to research in advance how much that trip should cost.
    Good luck and safe travel!

  4. Barb Pugh

    Good Lord, Nate you are allowed to be human. Stop being so hard on yourself. Kara, you don't seem very understanding. Marriage is a joint effort, so y'all be nice to each other.

  5. MemoryRoses

    I thought it’d be cake for you guys on TV show The Amazing Race but this vlog made me realize that would be stressful for you guys, cause bad cab rides and money exchanges are what gets most people fighting or out of the game.

  6. frances fritticci

    So glad you guys made it to the hotel safely I'm glad you seem very honest it's not all peaches and cream when you travel it's just how you deal with it feed the girl will you

  7. frances fritticci

    When are you going to learn you've got to feed the Kara or else she is not going to be happy and then you're not going to be happy hahaha and I don't blame her

  8. daniel aguilera

    A couple of things on your vlogs – the music is super cool and they are really addictive! I think I've watched 20-30 so far and I just can't stop watching them. Keep it up you guys!

  9. jaskiran singh

    Why do they NOT tell everything?
    They didn't have breakfast. OK. They didn't have Snacks or eatables packed with them for traveling? Come on…

  10. Lloyd Wright

    Mate be careful with taxis, they rip you off when they haven't got the meter going, it's the same in Thailand with taxis. Make sure the meter is running..

  11. Current Resident

    Women tend to make an adverse situation worse.

    It helps ZERO to have you said "I had a terrible attitude earlier".

    Next time, support your man who is trying to do the right thing and stop being a little girl.

  12. qemdrive

    You guys really need to start carrying protein bars or something similar to take the edge off your hunger when meals are delayed. You do not function well when you're hangry.

  13. Alex North

    sorta curious: do you always eat pizza with a knife and fork? am I being declasse eating with my fingers? (it is homemade and to be immodest–wonderful)

  14. Liv Birnstad

    I really appreciate how they can recognize there privilege and, acknowledge how thugs could have gone worse.

  15. Janet Hartwig

    You guys get so many perks for free, it really annoys me how stinking cheap Nate is. So many times he is penny wise, pound foolish.

  16. Ignacio Garrido

    Just to make it clear, Taxi driver wasn't Chilean. He was from Bolivia or Perú. How can I tell? Because of the way he spoke. And let's say people from those countries have very little respect for laws and rules.

  17. Dana H. Ledford

    8:40 Kara explaining everything and now got food but really she's saying Nate don't you ever put me through this again I will slice your thorat she's really waving that knife at you lol….

  18. Lioness Mummy

    0:15 When I saw the car backing up the road because a car was coming at them head on, that's exactly what happened to cars on the side roads in Ireland! except we were on a giant tour bus.

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