North Korea Travel Vlog – Rozz Recommends Season 3: EP4

Rozz explores North Korea – a country notorious for its secrecy, mystery and brutal dictatorship. She joins in on national celebrations, visits many local haunts, and uncovers a different side of North Korea unknown to many.

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22 Replies to “North Korea Travel Vlog – Rozz Recommends Season 3: EP4”

  1. Liz T

    I've travelled to Seoul in July this year and compare to this its totally opposite!! And I went to the DMZ as well but in the south korea side

  2. Inspector Lestrade

    Any international traveler such as myself and many others with 55 years international travel experience knows that you do not take the crap class tickets on that particular train. Pay the extra for the 1st class. 6 in a cabin is torture and totally unnecessary.
    It is not expensive like trains in western Europe.
    If you believe you are a budding journalist then start by doing really in depth research and accurate budgeting prior to travel. Apart from that you are on the 1st rung of the ladder. Good luck.

  3. TheSpidyboyie200000

    This rozz like action only travel here travel there, say sick and tired of DJ, quit her job, no need work, yolo all, encourage people to do the same like her, actually she herself got people sponsoring her trip zzzzzzzz

  4. Michael Lee

    I hope those damn Americans get to see this video and change their mindset of what N. Koreans are like. They are like any Americans going on their daily life without the luxury the Americans enjoyed. Lift those sanctions and N. Korea will progress and enjoy a much better standard of living. So, who is screwing up their lives?

  5. Eiza Nadza

    I love how you reflect your journey at the end of this video. I look forward to watching many fun & interesting videos from your channel!! Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾💕

  6. Reesey Me

    wait…. is it 2019 or 1969 ???
    those food makes any people watching cry for the price you pay.
    i guess probably the best they could offer when people are starving at the country side.

  7. KimLey920

    Those people that shared their picnic with you seemed nice people with genuine happy smiles. How I love my fellow Asians (no matter which area/country they are).

  8. KimLey920

    I think North Korea does not have that “wow” factor (I mean compare it to Europe alone). However, going to places like this make you realize the “real” beauty of each country you visit and what they have to offer. That includes their rich history, culture, architecture, food, the lovely people-interaction, etc.

    It makes you less racist as well (I will not stereotype but based on studies, people who don’t leave their “small world” have high tendency to be racists. That’s why traveling is important. No matter what your budget is. It’s learning about the world first hand, not just in books.

    I enjoyed this vid and trip a lot! 👍🏼

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