LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 1.27.16

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 1.27.16
January 27th, 2016


Erik Conover
PO Box 1296
NY, NY 10028

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If you are a musician and would like to feature your music (piano, instrumental, acoustic tunes) in my vlogs please email me at subject “VLOG TUNES”

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Canon G7x

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49 Replies to “LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 1.27.16”

  1. Eddy Torres

    B&H Photos is definitely like a Disney World for any one in the film industry , love that montage by the way . any kind of gifts is always great. it's like christmas. lol Great vlog man,

  2. Anthony Barba

    I ordered a camera from B&H photo! I was surprised when you talked about the store in the vlog, me being from LA I though it was just an online store hahaha

  3. Alex SY Tan

    Duolingo is amazing! im learning french and italian on it. Its different to the other app cuz you have to go on it everyday to recap the topics otherwise it will fade and you have to spend longer time to max the bar again

  4. Dragon Fly

    everyone in copenhagen cycle around the city. The bikes there are soo cool haha, they have like trailers on the front attatched to the bike and they push their dogs around in them loll.

  5. Clara Emilia

    Your videos and the editing with the music, sunsets and all that are getting better and better 👌🏼 Feel like you are trying out more the last days or weeks… like how you blended the subway noises with NYC skyline, sunset and traffic ❤️ I really really like it – good job! Have a nice day 🙂

  6. Virginia L. Bertrans

    Hi guys! I'm spanish and I laughed so much with your pronunciation Erik hahaha keep practicing, Jess you speak very well! Enjoy your trip🌴🌞🌊 xx

  7. JeanineElizabeth

    LOL ERIK! It's MOO-HER but the ER in -HER is more like how you say the name Ed. Just replace the d in Ed with an r

  8. Summer witz

    Duo lingo! I love that app. I am currently leaning French and I feel super proficient due to melt background in Italian. I love new languages and that app really keeps me accountable! Highly recommend

  9. Cindy Gasparico

    Hi, I am from Guatemala and I LOVE your videos.
    You are so authentic, and spontaneous 😀
    Currently use that app for getting better on my english, it's such an amazing help
    ¡PURA VIDA! 😉

  10. Danica Del Rey

    have you tried the tacos in chelsea market? they're amazzzzingggg. i'm always in chelsea market for my internship and i have to resist the urge of picking one up while on the clock haha

  11. Edgar Hernández

    I just saw a drone at century 21, have you seen them? The cost is 299 it's a big drone with camera, you should go there

  12. Diarmaid Ó Fátharta

    Duolingo is brilliant for learning a language on a gradual basis, I use it for French and c'est trés bien !

  13. sehr saira

    can i just ask why you say your being bad when getting sushi? because i thought it was fairly healthy?! haha . Or is it because you are eating out which you mean is bad? Love the vlogs and keep it up, love from London! xxx

  14. Marius Kochsiek

    I would not recommend to buy a GoPro. I am using a cheaper actioncam (100$) and it does the job too. It records in Full HD at 60 fps. the GoPro can record 4K at a low framerate, and it can record with 120 fps at lower resolution, which is a plus for the GoPro. But that isn't much for a 400$ price difference. I can only recommend the DBPower Action Cam. It should definetly last for you. As long as you don't want to record slow motion or higher resolution.

    I also found a video of a comparism between the two cameras (not with the newest GoPro though, but it still underlines my statement):

    hope I could help 😉

  15. Gintare Gedmin

    omg we're using duolingo in school for few different languages. u guys inspire me to keep learning too lol

  16. kristen elle

    haha, erik, i can just see you landing in costa rica, and finally getting to say to someone, "you are a woman" 😀

  17. Eric Van Braekel

    LOOOOL… mUjer not Meher…   c'mon Erik !!! Great fun to see you getting your tongue in a knot speaking Spanish (in a good way ! Not just to make fun of you…)

  18. Bubbalicious_the_ Bulldogge

    The only thing you're going to have to learn how to say in Costa Rica is uno mas, por favor!🍺🍷

  19. SA RAF

    Hey Erik 🙂 greeting to you and jess from Vienna!
    I get inspired by your vlogs to also do vlogs of my life !

    If you're searching for a small camera for your trip maybe you'll like this one. it's cheaper than the go pro but kinda the same. 😉

  20. Kirsten Pruitt

    check out brilliant bicycle co.! they make minimalist city bikes at really good prices!! I was going to get one until I realized I wanted a bike for more than just the road, but they're great for NY

  21. Emily Sklar

    love your interactions with people. you seem so genuine. also these vlogs make me long for new york! i lived there for a summer and need to go back!! chelsea market is my ultimate favorite place, and i have always wondered what the youtube space looked like, so thank you!

  22. Alejandra Cleves Morales

    Your Spanish is getting better! The vocabulary it´s good but I don´t think the app is correcting your pronunciation (Spanish is my mother tongue)
    If you want to practice let me know and we can meet up! or I could recommend you some music or movies, that’s how I learn new languages 🙂

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