Day 9 | Everest Base Camp Trek | Kala Pattar

Gorakshep — Kalapatter — Dzongla

This adventure made possible by:

Day 9 of our two week trek to Everest Base Camp.

***TRAVEL VLOG 122***

Tunes by Edemame: hollow trees

25 Replies to “Day 9 | Everest Base Camp Trek | Kala Pattar”

  1. hans ramazotti

    Very nice and entertaining "documentary". I enjoyed watching it But, not for me. Too many people , too much "traffic", too commercialized. I prefer to pitch tent elsewhere, far away from trails and "points to see".

  2. Joe Cummins

    I was there in 2004 and I know how hard it is. You guys are fantastic and I'd go trekking with you any day. Amazing attitude and well done.

  3. doinjusfine1

    I have been to within 40 feet of the summit of Everest.. it was scary. Lots of people freak out close to the top. It's normanl to hear screams cries…

  4. xfish

    Oh you guys are funny. I admire you for inspiring people to go on adventures. I know you'll never read this, but I also appreciate you never showing any of the dark side of being in developing countries like everyone else. Thank you.

  5. Heather Dupere

    Im so happy yall made it and got to see a clear view of Everest! Amazing! And Im so glad your guide is so nice!

  6. access

    Kudos to you for shooting all your trip.. I'd probably have packed up the camera after 4 or 5 days of holding it up.. arms must feel so sore xD

  7. Ellie Sorrie

    The pure determination, strength and great attitude you guys have is amazing, it was such an outstanding group of vlogs to watch. Your videos have definitely inspired me to challenge myself more and I’m sure many others as well!⭐️

  8. Javier Guevara

    Imagine the people that climbed the Everest without oxygen that gotta be almost imposible and super challenging.

  9. TheJscottbpsmith

    It's an amazing trip. I'm wondering why you showed shots if many if the memorials to those who never made it but you don't talk about them. Also there was what looked like a weather station and some antennas but no mention of them. Are the guides carrying Sat Phones to call for help? If not, how do they call the helicopters in?

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