HOW EXPENSIVE IS BORACAY? PHILIPPINES LIVING COSTS | Digital Nomad Vlog 102, 2017 | Philippines

Want to know the cost of living in the Philippines? Digital Nomad, Expat or Slow Traveler? This video will share how expensive Boracay is and our prices and expenses after 1 month in Boracay. ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

If you’re a digital nomad considering Boracay, this video will give you all the info you need on prices and living costs. The Philippines isn’t known for being a digital nomad spot because the internet is fairly average here, but it is popular with expats because of the great cost of living in the Philippines.

We know these prices are higher than the standard living costs for locals of the Philippines and Boracay is definitely one of the more expensive places to stay.

We genuinely loved our time living in Boracay, but we’re leaving to explore more of the islands of the Philippines!

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44 Replies to “HOW EXPENSIVE IS BORACAY? PHILIPPINES LIVING COSTS | Digital Nomad Vlog 102, 2017 | Philippines”

  1. Stuart Craigan

    Yes I've traveled to Thailand and Philippines, But nowhere else in Asia so I was just wondering about the nearby countries or islands in the Philippines, but thx

  2. Jan-Arden Mariano

    Great to see that you both enjoyed Boracay, there are several other destination within the Philippines which you can explore… Nice Content and More Power!!!

  3. jun villanueva

    I started subscribing your channel since i love your videos and love the positive attitude that you couple are putting in every experience you met, good or bad. keep it up.

  4. wahleed taula

    Living your dream on a paradise island @$850 a month per person is reasonable enough for a vacation considering the high lifestyle and enjoyment you experienced.

  5. Chad Jumurin

    The exclusive parts of Boracay are really pricey. But if you stay in Station 2, where all the tourists (and fun) are, you can range anywhere from $500-$800 only a month.

  6. James Van Dyk

    What kind of Wifi Speeds did you get? I have asked before but didn't get any reply. It would be great to know if you are talking to digital nomads. Thanks for the all the other info but Wifi speeds are the most important part to me.

  7. Michel Etienne Sartre

    I really like this format…it gives your viewers/subscribers an idea of the living cost in each country… very informative… just ignore the people who dislike these types of videos you post… who knows, theyll probably need to watch these next time they would want to visit these places… thanks guys!

  8. denmark betita

    Hi guys! New sub here, you should definitely try going to siargao its one of the best place you can visit in the philippines and you will find the best pizza on that island, no joke its the best pizza in this country

  9. Dexter Hawver

    I'll make sure Filipino don't spend that too much money. Ahah. But it was a great experienced for everyone. Nice Vlogs! 🙂

  10. Christina NYC

    Whoa, $1649 for an entire month in paradise? Sign me up! The cost of quality living there is just so much cheaper. Btw, came across your channel recently and have been enjoying your Philippines trip! Hope it’s (or was) lovely!

  11. Sam Lumba

    We travel to boracay the cheapest way we can for 3 days and 2 nights. From batangas port to bora all in all only for 1300 pesos. We bought our groceries in a "palengke" / "local market" for 500 each x 4 person. We rent a house with 1 bed and aircon for 1000 pesos each. All in all 2800 each, but our budget for each person is 5000 pesos. Now we have 2200 extra money to party and go around. 🙂

  12. Fritz Kobe

    Living in Boracay isn't Expensive. Im from Boracay. Just be wise in spending money. Choose the right apartment.

  13. Maynard Arada

    I can't believe you only pay $680 for 1 month accomodation in Boracay. That is way very cheap. Good job you guys.

  14. Aseffa B

    So living there is a lot cheaper than being a stupid tourist, LOL. I came and went with a friend for 3 days last August. The travel agency charged us like 600 USD, for the whole trip airfare, hotel with breakfast, transportation from Manila. We also probably spent another 200 USD eating out and other expenses. 800 USD for a three day adventure.

  15. Vins and Yosh

    It really depends on where you stay and eat in Boracay. There are hostels / dormitories that charge P700 to P1,500 per night.

    For food, you can buy at local eateries or carinderias, my favorites are Andoks and the chori burgers, located near the Obama Grill. Cost is less than P100 per meal.

    BTW. Loved how you detail your experiences and the cost of living in Boracay. The aerial shots are also beautiful!

  16. Jerry LaPier

    First time viewer hi. Who gives shit on protein bars? One of my big concerns for a move and drinks of course. Thx good info!

  17. Joan Hermoso

    wow! i’m new to you guys’ channel, Dane. I found out about your channel from when you followed me on instagram & liked a few of my photos. My twin, who has watched a few of your videos, told me that you guys are vloggers. So, i decided to check out you guys’ channel and – wow, your contents are nice! Especially this type of video in particular. It’s so informative and neat, i’ve never really seen a video like it. It’s also very helpful for me since I’m planning on going back home to the Philippines and visiting Palawan and maybe Boracay? to see how to budget and wat to expect in touristy spots like those. This video has given me lots of ideas, especially on budgeting.

    Keep it up! 👍🏻

  18. Marie Ranson

    Thank you so much for these cost of living videos. I'm about to set off 'slow travelling' through SE Asia and whilst I have been to the region multiple times as a backpacker and on vacation, LIVING in one spot for a good chunk of time is different. This is super useful for budgeting and I love your transparency and the genuine willingness to help people with info that comes through. Keep up the good work guys! <3

  19. Brian Pan

    Hi Guys…..wondering your take on what Duerte did with Boracay this week. Didn't get the impression it was that bad. Is the media feeding us propaganda here in the states? Hope to hear from you……safe travels!!!

  20. Bryan Lee

    $1.6k for a month in a beautiful high end island is totally worth the price. You go to the bahamas or maldives,$1.6k will only last you for less than a week.

  21. Phil Lorezca

    Binge watching your videos and getting ready to travel SE Asia w/wife and kids starting with the Philippines. Just purchased your "How to travel full time" guide and can't wait to start reading it. You guys always put out quality work so i'm looking forward to picking up golden nuggets from your it. Cheers!

  22. Ben Dover

    Too expensive. I don’t why Philippines is so expensive when the infrastructure is not there and traffic sucks ass

  23. Nell Carl

    Hi guys.,Nice place. I,m going to live In Asia.,I,m in doubt where? Thailand, Vietnam, or philipine. I liked sea beautifully, river,lakes waterfalls, etc.,nature places. Where you found it cheaper save and within this profile. Thank you. From California.

  24. Archie

    Boracay has been polluted by many years of overpopulation it is still overpopulated and polluted unfortunately there has been little done to correct it would not be my first choice enjoy the feces covered beaches

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