WORLD’S BEST Business Class SINGAPORE AIRLINES Review B777-300ER | Korea to Australia

We flew two of Singapore Airlines business class products. Our experience in the Boeing 777-300ER was incredible; however, we found the Singapore Airlines A330-300 to be a very low-end business class aircraft. Overall, we were very impressed with the Singapore Airlines crew!

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10 Replies to “WORLD’S BEST Business Class SINGAPORE AIRLINES Review B777-300ER | Korea to Australia”

  1. Sultan97400

    Hello nice video. I am from Reunion island a French overseas department in the south of Indian Ocean near Mauritius island. One day come to visit our islands. Sorry for my English I am french.

  2. Aanand Chandramohan

    Awesome video!! 👌
    Such a breath of fresh air… Loved it to bits… Subscribed ☺️ one video is all it took

  3. and1

    even though it seems as if the A330 is older than the triple seven, its actually the other way around. The 777-300/ER was introduced prior to the A330. The A330 simply features the old regional seat. Anyways, great video!

  4. Henry Lim

    amazing video! The Singapore Airlines crew is the best and most consistent one in the world! Their service is amazing in all classes so also in Economy Class they will treat you extremely well unlike many other airlines. The A330 is going to be out of service soon and are going to be replaced with the Dreamliners I guess. Luckily you could experience the amazing business class product on the 777! Hope one day I can fly their Business Class as well! like you said, their newer business class is almost like first class of other airlines!

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