what i eat in a day (healthy + college student) | whole 30

Here’s what I eat in a day to stay fit in college! These meals are whole 30 inspired and I have been loving how simple and easy they are. Also, join me on Amino! Download here:
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44 Replies to “what i eat in a day (healthy + college student) | whole 30”

  1. Bailley Rhoten

    wow im so glad i stumbled across your channel. i just started my own and you're very very inspring!! YGG!!!!

  2. Jade Robinson

    New subscriber here! gonna have to try your lunch and dinner, such great ideas! also love love love all the surfboards in your flat!!

  3. Michelle Aquino

    I feel like everyone is commenting about The Drums but like WOW YOU LISTEN TO THE DRUMS? They go waaaayyy back to my JR. High days. Ah the nostalgia. Also ily bye

  4. Charlotte Alexa

    Hey guys, I only recently just started my youtube channel and it would mean so much to me if you were to check it out and subscribe ❤️ I make weekly videos on Beauty, Fashion, Baking and vlogs about my life living in Thailand 😘

  5. Hazel Anna Rogers

    You're an angel, but I find it frustrating how people always hate on bread! Like…there's nothing wrong with good fresh bakery sourdough or whatever UNLESS you're full on allergic.

  6. Izzy Herman

    Here’s a trick, instead of putting the spaghetti squash in the oven for a long time, I always put it in the microwave for about 10 to 15 minutes. It works super easy and fast💖😄

  7. Sana Shaar

    Healthy + college student, I have to watch this! The most important part of my day is when I sit down with a hot cup of coca loveberry coffee and watch your fantastic videos that you put so much effort into, I'm baffled that you don't have more subscribers than pewdiepie, girl you totally rock! I'm 100% percent not sarcastic right now, keep up the good work you college + healthy student

  8. Morgan L

    I appreciate that you’re plant based but not vegan. Nothing wrong with any heathy food or lifestyle choice, but it seems there’s only healthy vegans and I haven’t found many healthy non vegans. I, too, enjoy fish, eggs and other animal products but am mainly plant based so I enjoy finding a like minded soul in you! Thank you!

    Also, can your roomie please share that delicious looking macaron recipe??

  9. Nessa

    i'm surprised to find an inspiring and actually helpful video of what people eat in a day when they're in college; between work and school i barely have time to think and these seem like things I can make fast ! thank u

  10. rebekah kraft

    That smoothie color is concerning. 😂😂😂 if I didn’t see you make it I wouldn’t have believed you

  11. Madeline Pennington

    pro- tip for ma vegans out there! If you want to make the lettuce wraps, you can sub mashed-ish chickpeas for tuna and vegan mayo! I tried it and it was super yummy especially with the tomato basil hummus!

  12. Gwyn Kate

    i'm watching this and i just saw that you're moving out in that amazing bungalow of yours. you really have great roommates. wanna have a lifestyle like yours

  13. willcouldkill

    Rich kids getting things for free you make me sick! Share your wealth with the poor feed the homeless love your fellow man

  14. Kristen Young

    Hey just a heads up! Hummus is not Whole30 approved. No legumes allowed, including chickpeas. Also, the mayo you are using probably has sugar in it, aka also not Whole30 compliant.

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