Zurich Travel Guide

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Our Zurich Travel Guide! Join us as we explore this beautiful Swiss city.

Zurich is a city that doesn’t get enough love. Packed with culture, history, creativity, and craft, Zurich has something for everyone. We experienced some Swiss comfort foods and learned the customs of this wonderful and inviting city.

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39 Replies to “Zurich Travel Guide”

  1. Albert Morell

    Well done Travel guide, unfortunately missing some Zurich essentials. The proximity to the Zurich lake, so in the summer it has paradise like opportunies to swim, sail or just walk at the shores. The water quality is cristal clear, so people do enjoy all sorts of leisure Outdoor Time on or close to the lake, almost up to 4 Months a year. Then you have the closeness of the Alps, to do wintersports in the areas nearby. Zurich is so ideally located, that you can always plan easy short weekends for example going to places like Ticino to visit Lugano, Ascona. Or a short Trip to Lake Como, even go shopping in Milan, Italy, all is so close by and easy to reach. Zurich is a total gem, the right balance between urban modernity, sophisticated civility and Culture on one Hand, and close by pristine, breathtaking rural landscapes, lakes and mountains on the other.
    Please so a second visit in spring/ summer-you will be amazed by the Zurich living qualities!

  2. 21guitarworld

    Absolutely amazing content and excellent narration. Love the amount of relevant information y'all put into these videos! On a side note, I think it be interesting to see some amination when describing some of your information. That way it can stick to the viewer more easily. Like when talking about euros or swiss franc CHF <insert a vivid hand drawn or elegant font of that currency next to you>

    Only mention bcuz I'm lazy and didn't want to search it up and then realize I'm lazy, so I looked it up. lol. Just some food for thought. Again, great content and will be ordering your book

  3. Aryan Bhardwaj

    Hey loved your work here. Just don't put sponsored advertisements in the middle of the video it is very annoying, it can result in deflection of viewers.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. valentin65

    As an original Zuricher I advise against visiting Zurich. It's too small, too boring, too slow and there is nothing to see. And besides the prices are outrageously high. Take your money and visit another European city. The list is endless: Berlin, Milan, Genova, Naples, Barcelona, Munich, Cologne, Paris, Lyon……………

  5. Traspler

    Great video but tipping 10-15% is A LOT! Normally you round up or give 5-7% and it is absolutely not a must. Also it might look like the entire city is made up of these old houses you see in the video but that's only the old center, there is plenty of city that does not look as idyllic 😉 I would also not recommend spending a long time here if you want to do sightseeing, the city is very small when compared to other big european cities and I would say the sightseeing spots are few and not really mindblowing. If you visit during the warmer months you at least can enjoy the lake and other cenic spots to hang out. If you come to discover, explore and hang out maybe some light partying, I think you will have a great time but you will hate it if you expect amazing sights to be seen and endless things to do. Yes, electronics are super cheap in Switzerland but be prepared to spend at least double on food compared to what you are used to. Also, be aware that you can pay nearly everywhere with a credit card but be sure to carry some francs with you if you like to visit smaller stores/cafes.

  6. Sophie Van der Meer

    Sternen was introduced to me by my grandmother, which tells you how long it’s been around. I love that you included something so iconic in the video that has nothing to do with cheese!

  7. Lis Nikoliqi

    As others are saying in the comments: Theres no reason to visit Swiss cities. They‘re boring, theres nothing to do, it‘s expensive and theres no food culture either.

  8. Anthony Kernich

    Zurich Airport is the best in Europe

    Swiss trains are the best in the world. Only Japan comes close.

    Taxis are horrendously expensive. I think the drop fare was 10 CHF when I was there.

  9. InsaneNuYawka

    I really don’t get how this place is that special… we all like money and cleanliness but even that isn’t unique to them.

  10. ojo018

    I live near Zurich. And I kind of compare Zurich as "little New York". Some destinations busy to cozy relaxing places. Many good known economic, technical and/or health schools.

  11. Angelo Liparoti

    Bro, nüt hesch zeigt vo eusere Stadt! Nur bitzli sterne grill, niederdörfli, bellevue, central…Gahn lieber am brunne go trinkwasser uffülle!

  12. Angelo Liparoti

    D'hälfti vom video nur über öv und die ander über sini riese freud wägem zopf! Tip top bruder, wiiter so…

  13. Travel Teez

    Love it! I liked yor video. Perhaps we could subscribe to each other's channel since we both love travel )

  14. Paul Lewis

    "Zurich is a good walking city" Yes, all European cities are unlike most U.S. cities which certainly are not.

  15. Emperator d'Mundos

    In Brazil We have a city that is a Zurich's copy, it's named Monte Verde, it's smaller than original, but it's still big, population is 100K currently.

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