What Do You Want?

This week officially marks the end of my first year of making travel videos. I’d love to get your input and find out what you’f like to see more of on this channel. More packing hacks? More travel tips? Budget stuff? Travel news? Travel stories? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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26 Replies to “What Do You Want?”

  1. Brett Cramer

    Perhaps an overview of arranging travel using the plethora of online resources. Which ones are your favorites, tips on finding the best deals, etc.

  2. paul england

    It's hard to know what to suggest because you offer so much already. I think I'd probably say to a few q&a travel related questions vlogs

  3. Giacomo Sponga

    First of all I wanted to tell you that I am very happy to follow you because you are fantastic, really a source of inspiration. ❤ I love all the ideas you've talked about, and I truly believe your channel will become even more wonderful. 😍❤ A further idea could be that of interviewing people from various parts of the world, discussing the various customs and discovering many things about the various countries. 😉❤

  4. SuperFro

    All of that sounds awesome, I like to see a sample of the travel news/ story time / and tips and trick. You have a lot good ideas that would be awesome to see tits hard to just choose one.

  5. bird718

    i really enjoy travel tips and hacks, advice that sorta stuff, its so hard to pack under the limit and thats always changing, and its always different depending on the airline. then all those nasty TSA restirctions….

  6. Cute Smile Gooner

    Hey Steph, How you doing? Hope you everything is good. Sorry I have been away myself biut I will try and watch your videos I missed. Well what I want from you…well that is simple..I want to be your friend ☺. Well I will catch you soon on your next video. Take care…and be safe. From your friend toocool aka Alex.

  7. Bill Kaneko

    I enjoy the personal stories the most. Second choice would be the “off the beaten path” sight-seeing items. For example the LA story you did several months ago featured things that I had never explored. And of course, my guilty pleasure is the Lady v Steph & Sonam in London video. Absolutely priceless!! Realistically, I would watch almost anything as long as it’s presented in a friendly, informative, non-condescending way!

  8. Frameable Faces

    Yes, yes, and yes!!! Love the spin on travel news happenings, the peeps on the street, and the foods!!!! VEGAN INTERNATIONAL FOODS!!!! Haha… Feeling the energy and I actually think any and all of these ideas are good – love it. 👍🏻

  9. Karl

    What should do and not do when visit a country (more specifically whatever country you visit. Also I like the idea of what else is there to a town/area/countries either do or see besides the most tourists sites. Bringing up facts for example the Griffin observatory in LA, was one of the many projects of the WPA (Works Progress Administration) during the great depression.

  10. Alexis Cole

    I’m just so proud of you and this channel, I’m literally ready for anything you post. 😭 This channel has so much to offer and I know so much more is to come 🙌🏽♥️

  11. eunice x

    Just anything!!! ❤️ and share your own journey like how traveling has shaped you (it sounds vague, idk how to put it in english 🙈 like how different cultures/ what you experience in different destinations impact who you are/ your life/ make you reflect) 🌍 and ummmm maybe a hong kong vlog would be great, just saying 💁🏻🇭🇰

  12. Scott Hert

    Hi Steph! Thanks for taking the time to ask us (your subscribers) what we are most interested in seeing on your videos. You have over 1K subscribers so I’m pretty sure you’ll get over 1K different ideas. I don’t envy you having to go through the responses. There are many great travel vloggers on YouTube, however in my opinion, there are a couple that do an outstanding job engaging viewers. That’s what I like to see. I like a travel vlog to give me the sense that I am traveling with them. Not viewing a documentary. The example I would choose to explain this would be SV Delos’ channel. I look forward to watching your many great adventures.

  13. Tracey Huff

    I rode a bus from Florida to Ohio, I was not prepared at all. Maybe you could take a bus trip and tell us how to prepare for one.

  14. Michael Sylvester

    Hi Steph,
    Thank you for this video. I would say I enjoy your travel video.
    So enjoy everything on the landscape people art history love on each city.
    Yes I know you can do it.
    Your are amazing person..
    Hope this helps.

  15. orionsdad1

    2x per week aggressive schedule but if you can do it great. I like idea about personal stories while you are traveling. Things that happen to you along the way. I like travel tips. I always wonder what is the best cc to have to collect travel miles. I've never had one. What's the best travel sites to book flights on? Think you will have many little discoveries and new experiences in Hong Kong. Really looking forward to that trip. Sometimes it is the little things that happen that are the most meaningful and interesting. Personal observations. Cultural differences and local traditions are always interesting to hear about.

  16. Brian

    Can I still donate to your trips even though you have exceeded your goal? I am trying to decide between supporting you or one of the 3700 kids on patreon with medical bills.

  17. David Dahl

    David DahlWhen I was in China, I visited many beautiful locations. I went to Sanya beach in the winter and it's about as hot, if not hotter, than it is here in Seattle during the summer… And that's in the winter! I was told that it's like a steam pot in the summer and could literally cook a person. Well, I got cooked anyway and had a really bad sun burn on my legs that made my legs swell up and turn red. I couldn't walk for 8 days. Always remember to use sun block in sunny hot areas! Us being from Seattle and not getting much sun It's easy to forget to use sunblock. Another place I went to is Huangshan mountain. Really beautiful place, lots of steps. My legs turned into limp noodles from all the steps, but it was well worth it. Stay safe!

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