The Only Gear You’ll Need to Become a Successful Photographer or YouTuber – WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG

The Only Gear You’ll Need to Become a Successful Photographer or YouTuber

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What’s in my camera bag! Woo! Thank you all for always asking about my gear and what I need to create the art I do for YouTube and my photography.

This video I’ve listed everything I own. It’s not a lot of photography gear. I quickly figured I don’t need that much stuff to make great work. Hopefully this inspires you to work with the camera gear you have and don’t let any excuses enter your world.

You’ve got this.

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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Here is the link of equipment I use:
MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –
Big Vlogging Camera:
Main Big Camera:
Big Sigma Lens:
Converter for Sigma Lens To Sony:
Gorilla Tripod:
Small Vlogging camera:

Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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26 Replies to “The Only Gear You’ll Need to Become a Successful Photographer or YouTuber – WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG”

  1. Tori Cason

    Hey Sorelle! I have been wanting to start a blog/youtube channel for years now and have had no idea where to start or the confidence to not talk myself out of actually giving it my all, that is until today! I stumbled across one of your videos this morning and Ive been on your channel ever since! You have changed my life and I can only hope to have the same impact on someone else some time in the future. For my niche I really want to focus on travel and conservation and yoga? I think.. I'm not too terribly sure but Im still afraid of giving up. I went to record a video after watching yours for hours and just hated the way I look in front of the camera and my voice and all the other things Im sure others go through. I also need a new camera and editing softwares and I did sign up for the skillshare link you shared so that will help! But how did you get over the initial hurdle of starting your channel? I feel like I can't post anything until I have everything (like the camera and software, ect)? @_toricason is my instagram handle as well if you wouldn't mind giving me some critique! You're such an inspiration! Keep your head up and know that you are making a difference!

  2. Travel Pockets

    New fan here! Absolutely love your personality and style. I'm the same with you when it comes to drones. I have one but I BARELY use it and sweat every time I decide to use it haha… Had a question regarding your video recording. Do you use the Picture Profiles (S-log)?

  3. SpalonaArtystka

    Hey, I have a small question. 🙂 When you're using phone as your remote photos are saving as raw or jpg? Cause in sony it's unfortunately jpg :V

  4. Jsisndi0k Jdodmdodmod

    Hi sorelle!!! I really love how real you are and how authentic you are!!!!! You're the best big sister 😍😍😍 keep it up!!!

  5. Serge Broslavsky

    You could use your drone's camera as a second camera – it may end up having higher IQ compared to your phone.

  6. Alex Kahl

    Looks like Northern Germany, eh? The Birds btw are called almost the same in German as in English: Storch 🙂

  7. Caroline Stédile

    hey Sorelle! you are my inspiration right now! <3 I photograph woman here in Brasil and I'm marathoning all your videos!. can't stop! you're awesome​! thanks for sharing. love you and your work!

  8. Alessandra Chaves

    I love all your videos! I'm soo addicted on your channel, and you have an amazing personality. YOU ROCK!!!

  9. Amanda Vey Media

    Sorelle, don’t change what you’re doing. All cool, not lame. Your personality is why I watch your channel!

  10. steve bennington

    I love you so much for how you talk. I find some little things about you cute too 😁 you're soo cool. God Bless You 😇

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