I hope you enjoyed and it put a smile on your face! Thanks for watching and always showing us love and support from the beginning. We love you guys! Leave a comment on what video should I film next!

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24 Replies to “NEWLY ENGAGED TRIVIA | Who’s Better At….”

  1. Tess Christine

    We are overwhelmed with the amount of love you all have been showing us in the last video and on social media since announcing our engagement! Thank you thank you!! We cannot wait to share the wedding planning process with you all! EEEEEP! xxx

  2. Mariana Figueiredo

    I love your videos, and I'm so happy for you!!!
    Can you please make a video about posing for instagram pictures, yours are amazing !!!!xx

  3. Presley95

    You guys are such a good match, so happy for you and o can’t wait to see your wedding details! 👰🏻🤵

  4. siyah

    I really like you guys you are my favorite couple! Boyfriend tag video, engaged video now we waiting wedding video 😃 love you guys 💕

  5. Rarity Dash

    Hi Tess. I wish you the best. This might seem crazy but I need your help, I suppose you might not remember but once you filmed a video " Get ready with me: Casual date night" and I cannot find it. I really liked the song in that video. Please tell what the name of he song was, I have been searching for it for years!

  6. A True Love Official

    I really enjoyed watching the entire video. It makes me laugh whenever you answer those questions. 😂 I'm so happy about your engagement and it makes me so excited on your wedding day.

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