WE ALMOST MISSED IT! FIRST Class Wagon Tour (Trans-Siberian Railyway Day 8)

Want to know all of the details about visas, booking your tickets, etc.? We created the Ultimate Guide to Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway! Read it here

On day 8 of our trans-siberian railyway journey from Irkutsk to Vladivostok, we left Ulan-Ude to travel 64 hours straight in First Class! We almost missed our train, give a tour of our room, and bribed our attendant with chocolate 🙂

***TRAVEL VLOG 426*** 
“Stay With The Enemy (Instrumental Version)” from Epidemic Sound



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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the travel bug! We started traveling full-time January 10, 2016. While daily vlogging was not the original plan, we were having way too many cool experiences not to share every single day! Now travel vlogging is our full-time gig and we feel like we have the greatest job in the world! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. 🙂

We’ve pulled inspiration from several of our favorite travel vloggers on YouTube, such as: +CaseyNeistat +FunForLouis +Jon Olsson +Mr Ben Brown, and any other talented travel vloggers that YouTube’s algorithm will hopefully connect us with 😉

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31 Replies to “WE ALMOST MISSED IT! FIRST Class Wagon Tour (Trans-Siberian Railyway Day 8)”

  1. Kara and Nate

    Planning our Trans-Siberian Railway adventure wasn't easy! We had a ton of questions, and the internet had very few answers! So to help out our fellow travelers who might be interested in booking a trip of their own, we've put together the Ultimate Guide to Riding the Trans-Siberian. This guide will walk you through all of the steps from securing your visa to planning your route and booking your tickets. Read it here http://karaandnate.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-riding-the-trans-siberian-railway/

  2. Venus Gillespie

    I’m hoping to travel internationally after college, and this video has really reminded me of one thing: I’m really going to have to work to eat! I have Celiac disease, and a language barrier plus a gluten heavy cuisine might end in disaster…

  3. Cami Coulombe

    Loving your vlogs!! Funny how Russia and Canada looks so similar in terms of scenery in the Fall! It’s almost like looking outside my window here in East Coast Canada 🙂

  4. Julia Mays

    okay so obviously 15 minutes IS NOT enough time. you should seriously the into account and plan for casualties like this and i am beyond floored and amazed that after traveling for two years you guys still don't get that they tell you to show up 30 minutes- 1 hour early FOR A REASON. I FUCKING HATE TOURISTS BECAUSE THEYRE SO INCONSIDERATE AND IGNORANT AND DONT THINK TO FUCKING CONSIDER THEY SHOULD SAVE TIME AND GET THERE EARLY TO FIGURE OUT WHERE YOUR FUCKING TRAIN IS…

  5. Julia Mays

    you also act like the world is going to end if you mis your train like you can't just get rolled over to the next one.. seriously?? you guys are way too stupid and ignorant to travel; you dummies tourists are the reason people hate americans and think we are all stupid as hell.

  6. Eigen post

    In Russia, it is not customary to get up in shoes on the bed, including the train, and when entering the house, it is also necessary to take it off.

  7. Madz _gamer

    For your traveling I can't recommend enough the Huawei p20 (I'm not sure about the other Huaweis) it comes with a translater app that you can have conversations with other foreign people and you can take pictures of things in a different language and it will translate it (e.g your tickets) ♥️

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