Four Small Islands // Thailand

As the last of my Thailand adventures, I went to four small islands off the coast of the main island of Koh Lanta. They were amazing! I will definitely be back soon.

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Neon Dreams

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41 Replies to “Four Small Islands // Thailand”

  1. Satish Qute

    Hello there how are you .. I've seen so many videos of you that's so interesting thanks for showing all of those beautiful places along with your glamour.. hey let me know if you have any idea to change your boyfriend 😉 coz I'd like to participate with you for at least one beautiful place if possible ..

    once again thank you for your all the videos..

  2. Michelle O

    Hi can you still make a video about the stocks you choose and what you do, I noticed that video hasn't come out since the last stock video you posted. thanks in advance😜😜😜

  3. plica06

    I applaud Livio for covering his head and shoulders with the blanket to avoid sunburn. A few years ago I got a fast boat to Pi Pi island, Thailand and got burnt real bad on my neck and shoulders. Some people just don't have the skin for intense sunshine and it is dangerous.

  4. Ezekiel Delgado

    Hi there, are you still doing the stock market thing? can you really travel out of it? or do something else on the side?

  5. Gabriele Malizia

    Just few days in Thailand😞I visited most of the Andaman's sea isles and Koh Lanta is my favorite! Never been in Bali, what do you like best?

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