40 Replies to “48 HOURS IN TAIWAN”

  1. Toma Miseviciute

    Been there for three weeks this summer! AMAZING! The beauty of the country and the kindness of the people!

  2. Christoph Kapp

    Love the short little snippet. Can't wait to see your 2016 recap videos. You're going to need like 5/6 of them. It's been a crazy year! Like this if you think Erik should do a bunch of 2016 compilation videos!

  3. Natalia Cornide

    Erik you made me feel so full of energy and positive everytime i watch your videos! Lovely way to start the day!

  4. Queen Sugar

    Eric you should have a show on the Travel Channel. all your videos are fantastic.. but you deserve a award for this one. you amaze me. I enjoyed watching all of your videos thank you for sharing your exciting life with us. I wish you only the best for the upcoming year.

  5. Deltron Lee

    Taiwan is certainly By FAR the Richest and Most Advanced country in Asia!!! Taipei city is definitely one of a kind in the world!!

  6. Kristine Sandnes

    This is incredible! You are so inspiring and your work is amazing! I'm sure your channel will grow to 1M subs on no time! I've followed since 8k!! Happy new year!

  7. amy168 lsc168


  8. We See Here

    Wish I had seen this six months ago. I had a two day trip to Taiwan, and just went to Taipei 101 and got some golf swings in at a multiple story golfing range (thought hat did fulfill a bucket list item!). Looks like you had a good 48 hours!

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