DEAR INDIA… (and those visiting India) | TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Harassment, Cheap Travel, +

My wife was sexually harassed multiple times in India. She felt uncomfortable joining me in this video due to these interactions, as well as a few other topics discussed. Sexual assault in India is a problem for many female travelers. We hope that this video will help you determine if India is safe. Topics discussed in this video include all of the positive things we experienced in India, misunderstood expectations, sexual harassment, propaganda, growth, delicious food, and much more. Please feel free to voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments.


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Hi! We’re Hannah and Chad! We met at college and got married in August of 2016. As poor newlyweds and recent college grads, we moved to New York City to begin what we thought would be our long careers in finance. Only one year later, after accumulating over 2 million miles and points through “travel hacking”, we booked round-the-world business class tickets to over 40 countries for free. We quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, and began this once-in-a-lifetime adventure on August 27, 2018. Chad has always loved creating home videos to hold onto the memories we share while traveling, so we started this YouTube channel as a place to share our adventures with friends and family. We hope you’ll join our journey to exciting countries and experiences around the world!

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27 Replies to “DEAR INDIA… (and those visiting India) | TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Harassment, Cheap Travel, +”

  1. Hannah and Chad

    Welcome to our channel! Many have asked us to make an India final thoughts video until we return again. It's not always easy discussing some of the topics in this video, but we love India and hoped that an open discussion would help us and our community learn from each other. Thank you for watching and for sharing your thoughts!! Please subscribe and hit the bell notification to join us in our journey around the world! Much love 💙💙💙 Hannah + Chad

  2. IAS preparation Guide

    We are happy that you come to India and have such A Great Experience. And sorry for all those bad experiences also. That you experience because of us.🙏🙏

  3. Abhishek Narasimha

    These group of people hate India
    1) Pakistani Mullahs
    2) Chinese Communists
    3) Neo Nazis
    4) Joshua Project Evangelists
    5) Indian Liberals

    They have created IT cells and keep spamming all Indian videos. You will find profiles like Lord Gay Hind, Peter Griffin, God Bless America, Ming Ming, yacobus fitri defaming India.

    Even I was harassed by a troll who told me to embrace Jesus Christ and insulted my Hindu gods.
    I thought he was an intolerant Evangelist from Deep South USA.

    I also see content from Nagaland NE India. I saw the same troll abuse Christians and he was asking Nagamese people to embrace Hinduism and was abusing Jesus Christ.
    I exposed him so he deleted all his mean comments.
    Finally on Punjabi Music videos of Speed Records I have seen comments calling for Khalistan in 2020.
    Just Ignore these trolls.

  4. Gautham Shashangan

    I would always advice to take tips from a local from each place. You can have a chat with them before you plan your visit. Things will go much smoother if you have somebody to guide you. I am from Bangalore. If anybody coming in a big group, just call me, I will be glad to help tourists around South India. I speak all South Indian languages & have traveled to most of the places in India. I feel ashamed & embarrassed when tourists experience such things. I can only apologize on behalf of such cheepos, though it may not erase your scar. Thank you for your wonderful words & your visit to India.
    Just to add there is deep hatred for India by Pakistanis, so there would be many jealous Pakistanis who come & post as Indians just so they can give a horrible image of Indians. If you see a vulgur or offensive comment without a profile pic, it's most likely it's a Pakistani. They don't get many tourists, so anything we do better they would try every-way to ruin & wreck it. Honestly that's how deep the hatred is. Anyway I wish you both best experiences in all your future trips, everytime, everywhere. Cheers & God Bless.

  5. Abhishek Narasimha

    A solo female traveller can go to India however she has to take the following precautions

    1) Don't stay in a cheap hotel in a red light area. Better to live in some great budget hotel chains in India like Treebo and Fab Hotel. The service is excellent and room tariffs range between US$25 to US$40.

    2) Don't venture outside between 10 pm to 7 am outside in dark desolated areas. Even ensure you arrive anywhere between 8am to 9pm.

    3) Don't wear tanktops, microminies, tubes, spaghetti straps and mini skirts. Everything else is fine. Also wear sneakers and not high heels.

    4) Address men you interact with as brother. In North India call a man Bhaiya and call men in South India as Anna. This would remove any malicious intent.

    5) Don't trust people easily if an Algerian taxi driver in Marseilles invites you to his working class neighborhood for Tagine, Pastilla and Sellou you would refuse, so why do you oblige an autorickshaw driver in India when he invites you to his house for dinner?
    I have seen foreign women travel alone in slums in India something they wouldn't try in their country.
    There may be a chance that the rickshaw driver drugs you and harvests your kidney or gang rapes you.
    Your safety is in your own hands and you should be cautious while exercising common sense.

  6. Amrit Singh

    Hey brother I just watched some videos of your it was really awesome..hope you will visit again to India..and don't worry about anything who talking about your views or abuse you..we are here to support're really blessed couple..keep smiling 😊😊😇😇

  7. guru prasad

    Guys with all do respect .please don't come to India ..stay in your country .. I'm not supportjng anyone out here ..neither you guys come with lack of sense and knowledge nor ourselves Indians talking about our country without complete knowledge …so please don't come to our country and call dear India and defame our country by saying sxual harrassment. Also stop travelling cheap …use luxury you guys will be fine.come here book first class trains..buses..5 star hotels..don't try looking inside states…also one more suggestion..get some guards next time ..if you turn up here ..if you travel to other need to take care of yourself ..your security..which ever country it might be do not come here time ..I know peopel will comment for me here also .. I'm not ignorant of anything.. which country doesn't have issues ?..but don't come..thanks.. just like any other country even my country has some bad apples .
    Which for sure it's the same in your country….you got your views…you made your money through YouTube please go home…i have some Indians who are idiots who are apologizing for no reason….guys who doesnt know you go to any country there will be shit people..if we being Indians ..we our selves say yes you foreigners come for cheap travel are right..nonsense….Mr Chad and Hannah …please dont come here ..we don't like you .if there is any country which has zero crime rate .please go there ..bye

    Come off to different countries without knowledge get into shit and then blame country..apply some common sense before you travel.

  8. Vikalp Pandey

    Please keep Shimla as one of the options. It is in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is hilly. Darjeeling in West Bengal, Dehradun in Uttarakhand are good options as well.

  9. Rafisongs Iye

    White women deserve to get raped and murdered around the world for the sins of white men, white men go around having casual unmarried sex with Indian and Asian women and getting women pregnant in foreign countries. Unlike CUCKED East Asian men, Indian men fight back by raping the life out of white females. If white women are SOOO loyal to rapist, pedophile, murderous white men, they deserve to be raped until whites as a race fail to exist

  10. Mani Velan take precautions when you visit many Indian students have been shot dead by gun violence by some random guys in the U.S over the years? Check it out online..
    So this is not stopping anyone from going to the U.S for studies.
    Why India? Dude would you travel in Mexico without proper protection and caution?
    Understand the cultural subtleties before you join the band wagon.
    There are warnings posted the advisory and keep your eyes peeled and ears open when you visit a foreign land!

  11. Virat rc

    Every aspiring youtuber dream for views 1) bikini haul 2) India visit-including slums, roadside eatout, shaddy hotels 3) sexual harrassment-view count jumps by 50x.. all for easy money while being on vacation all d time!.. getting too predictable n same old boring now

  12. Hoo Lee Fuk

    As you know our population is nearly around 1.3 billion , so their is more stupid mofo people and any other country , so just ignore these bastards, their upbringing led them like this. I hope you go back with good memories you had in india.

  13. Satyabrata Nayak

    Nasty comments!only intension trolling….they are stupid, unaccountable mentality people.Don't mind…

  14. Rafisongs Iye

    So many videos and comments have white guys boasting about cuckolding Indian and Asian men, having bigger penises and breeding out all the Asian women. Half the YouTube comments on Indian women by white guys are about how Indian women worship them, having bigger penises and breeding India white. So fuck off, white women made the mistake of giving birth to evil white men who say and do such racist and perverted things, so they are suffering.

  15. Dovah kiin

    People doesn't have that much of motivation to express good things on the internet. They just appreciate it and move on. But the minority people who see negative things on everything wants to spread negativity as it gives them pleasure by trolling. Obviosly, our mind tend to think majority of the people are jerks. Actually that's not the case. You just ignore them 🙂

  16. dipak majmundar

    I appreciate your honest opinion.I am an Indian-American and I agree no one has any right to say nasty things for your wife or any woman and I personally apologies and shame about their behavior.there will be bad apple in any society so again I am sorry that any Indian have misbehave with you or your wife or any tourist from any countries.I am pleased that at least some of the things you enjoyed about India.Hope that you visit again my beautiful birth country.

  17. Infinite Wisdom

    Thank you for a thoughtful sensitive video. India has many problems — the worst is jingoistic, xenophobic, "nationalistic" Indians.

  18. sayanchx

    Really appreciate your balanced view and discussing the good as well as bad. As many have said on this site – I on behalf of my countrymen I truly apologize for some of your bad experiences.
    Hope you understand that most Indians truly want you to explore and enjoy our country. All I can say is that – anytime you guys face harassment please call out publicly immediately at the spot – there are always good Samaritans / police ready to help & intervene. I can truly understand your pain.
    Keep doing what you love doing- my wife and I love traveling (22 countries and counting) and have lived long-term in 3 continents.
    BTW, our favorite place to visit in India is the North-East region- highly recommended making a long trip to see the 7 sisters (as the 7 North Eastern states are called). Disclaimer: We are not from the NE Indian states just happy tourists 🙂

  19. Nanik Mahbubani

    Maintain, cleanness, around Taj, proper security, polite those who guide. At night good lighting, etc etc…

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