Is Nottingham real? UK travel vlog | England

Nottingham, England is one of those places that sometimes confuse foreigners. “Is Nottingham real?”, “Was Robin Hood real or fictional?” and “Was Robin Hood a true story” are among the most searched terms related to a trip to Nottingham, UK

Yes, Nottingham is real, and it’s a lovely city. In this vlog, you will see some of the main places to visit in Nottingham, like the Nottingham Castle and the Robin Hood statue, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Park Estate, the Nottingham canal, and Old Market square in the Nottingham city centre.

Want more? This vlog is part of a UK travel series.
► Arrival in Nottingham by train:
► The entire series since the beginning:

In the next vlog, more things to do in Nottingham! 🙂

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49 Replies to “Is Nottingham real? UK travel vlog | England”

  1. Renata Pereira

    Sorry I missed last Sunday's upload… For those that haven't seen the update I shared on the community tab, I'm moving! Packed all my stuff into a storage unit and I'll spend the next 6-10 months traveling within the USA and also to South America and Asia. There will be a mix of work (as always 😉) and fun (as always 😉) so you can expect a lot of nice vlogs and travel guides 😊😊😊. Thank you so much for watching my channel, and if you like my videos, I'd love if you can subscribe. This really helps me keep going! ❤️❤️ Thank you | Obrigada | Спасибо | Merci | Gracias | Danke | Grazie | شكرا لكم | ありがとうございました | Dank je! Did I miss your language? 😉

  2. cmdfarsight

    The castle was destroyed during the civil war but many years after the duke of Newcastle built a ducal palace in its place. It's a shame it's closed or you could have seen some of the old castle masonry that makes the pathway up the side of the hill.
    Those caves on the corner of the cliff lead to Mortimers hole, a very gory story worth looking up.

  3. Purple Turtle

    Really interesting video! The Castle and Park Estate are definitely beautiful places, though sadly, travel a little further down Derby, Ilkeston, and Alfreton roads and you find that a whole third of the city is a complete shithole! Meadows and St Anns are also horrible places, though they're not particularly closeby, unlike Radford.

    In regards to the "high end mall", it's more of an Arcade, and my god! It really is beautiful in there!! Nottingham is such a gorgeous city, but combine the city council with the large Paki population (Who make the streets dangerous because they obviously didn't get their licenses in England) and you get a fast growing pit which will end up making Nottingham look like Pakistan (Honestly, a quick visit to Radford will show that)

  4. Gsikand Singh

    Really you are one of the most daring,bold n beautiful lady of the world who is very much often seen in all over the countries like England,Mayasia,singapur etc etc,I am a very big fan of such type of bold n adventures persons whoso ever like to visit one place to another n also prepared videos of each country for the public,so that they can enjoy themselves n enjoy the beauty of each country,I often watches your videos n I am of the view that you are so brave,so intelligent,so capable n so talented that no other can.,You deserve for the appreciation,I have no words to express except saying that you are the best,you are the best n you are the best.Thank you sooooo much,God bless you.

  5. Kevin W

    My grandparents and father were born in Nottingham, They came to the States in 1923. Many of my ancestors are buried in The General. I hop to visit and research more of the family, Well done.

  6. nsand123

    Thank you so much for the beautiful tour of Nottingham. I'm preparing to visit in May 2020 and look forward to see where my ancestors lived and worked in the lace market in the 1850's. Great tourist video!

  7. Ian Vincent

    Please please it's not pronounced "not ing ham" it's pronounced "not ing um" a good look at some of the stuff in the city but as a Nottingham resident I'd definitely recommend checking out the river trent if you want somewhere scenic to visit if you're looking to have a night out that's where Nottingham is amazing as there are so many amazing pubs the trip to Jerusalem is definitely a good place to visit but I'd also recommend highly a few others the malt cross the trent navigation the organ grinder and the vat and fiddle most have their own associated breweries and alot of the beer on offer is not available outside Nottingham much if at all not so much for the malt cross but its a very nice building the ice arena is a great place to visit as is the cricket ground notts County are one of the oldest football clubs in the world as well as the more successful Nottingham forrest which is one of the most picturesque stadiums you will see on the banks of the trent standing on the trent bridge itself is the best way to view it I'd definitely recommend getting out to Beeston and walking round the lake at Highfields Park by the University (the tram takes you straight there) rock city is pretty good as a live music venue too and the theatre is a very good place to watch a performance Hockley is great for the hipsters Nottingham also has the only hooters in the UK don't go there for the girls go there for the wings they're amazing

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