NYE Chit Chat GRWM | Changes, Babies, New Hair & More!

Hi, 2020! So excited to bring you more content this year. I am so thankful for all of your continued support throughout the years. Let me know what you want to see from me 🙂

Makeup Used:
Dior Face and Body Foundation
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
Nudestix Blush- In the nude
Milk Highlighter- Lit
RCMA Setting Powder
Hoola Bronzer
Benefit Goof Proof Brow
Sir John X Luminess Lion King Pallete
Benefit Roller Lash
Mac Lipliner- Stripdown
Tom Ford Lipstick- Sable Smoke

Great Length Hair Extensions by insta- @kaylaannehair

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23 Replies to “NYE Chit Chat GRWM | Changes, Babies, New Hair & More!”

  1. Rob Z

    Check out the "City Walk Guide" app on Google store!
    Contains the most 100 visited cities in the world with itineraries and points of interests.

  2. xqazwsx1

    Yes to the travel videos!! Big thank you for always including information on where to go/what to do, it’s always super helpful.💕

  3. Amanda flores

    Love that you’re back! I would love to see more pat and the fram! Also vlogs and travel uploads 😍 happy 2020!

  4. Kerry Zinger

    I watch your channel because the lack of drama. So glad you aren’t trying to incorporate it into it. Also, do what makes you happy, it shows in your videos.

  5. Fernanda Galicia

    You know? I didn’t liked youtubers but then, I found you and I love your personality, your style and your relationship. So, everything you decide to do on your channel, would be fine.

  6. maija

    these are for sure my favorite videos to watch from you, also in a way super nostalgic in a way since i’ve been watching you for so long! super excited to see more lookbooks and whatever you come up with for the new year, love you!!

  7. Joss M

    Been watching you for years now and I always love how you’re always so real with us and stay being you unlike other people changing bc of subscribers they gain. Do you Tess, upload what you want no matter what people will think!!! I’m here to support what you want to give us! Also, lowkey can’t wait to see you and Pat with kids awww lol, love you!! 🥰

  8. Megan Barnette

    Literally Tess is so beautifully humble and just all around an amazing human being. I have been watching her for the longest time now since high school and by far she is one of my favorite YouTubers and biggest inspirations to live life to the fullest! ❤️

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