Your Last Breath.

Our time here is limited but we live like it’s infinite. What would you do if you only had a week or a year to live? Would it motivate you to follow your passions? A recent tragedy at Shannon Falls that took the lives of three good friends reminded me the importance of living life now. Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper (or as you may know them, High On Life) were extraordinary people who took their short window on earth and lived it boldly and fully. Even in their passing they continue to motivate and inspire. #HOLInspired

I recommend you watch their video 3 years of travel in 3 minutes:

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27 Replies to “Your Last Breath.”

  1. Jordan Pike

    First off, I've followed the HoL crew for a long time now, and I've thought about what happened in July a lot since then. It's also really inspiring seeing Parker and the rest of the crew push through and continuing to pursue what they love.

    Second, holy freakin' smokes Christian. I'm absolutely blown away by so many things you've done and do since you first started with the GoPro in SE Asia. If this video would have been uploaded a couple years ago, I would have 100% been wondering who you'd paid to do your editing for you. But now after getting to see how you've progressed, and you've actually done what you say to do in this video, I'm just baffled at how much you've grown. It's incredibly inspiring man. at 12:12 when you said the thing about posting 100 YouTube videos, that really struck me, because that is the thought that has been going through my head for the last handful of months. I've uploaded over 100 YouTube videos and my channel isn't where I envisioned it to be. "But that is where the people that commit to their vision separate themselves from the crowd." This is where I'm at.

    Thank you man. You've inspired me so many times in the last couple years. I'll watch one of your videos and just be so pumped to get going on one of my own edits, and that's a really big deal, because starting is the toughest part.

    Anyways man, just like a ton of your audience, I have so much respect from you. You're one of the only channels that is fulfilling for me these days, and whenever I see an upload from you I know it will be rich, quality content that will effect my life/day in a positive way. Appreciate you and much love!

  2. Michelle Phillips

    What a great video, you did them and their message justice in a very graceful and inspiring way. Well done my friend, well done………

  3. Alex Smith

    You are an inspiration. Thank you for this and all your amazing content. The clock is ticking. Wishing longevity, peace and fulfilment to all.

  4. Nyxx

    Every time i watch this video i get motivated to keep going with my dream and not just daydreaming about it.For two years i struggle with math on my matura exams and if i want to pursue my dream i have to pass this exam so i can go to the university,to be a little closer to my goal.I don't want to spend my whole life stuck in one point with no progress.Maybe it's time for me to get myself together ,stop thinking about the past mistakes and just live.

  5. Kerrina Naidoo

    Lost I swear you are such a humble person always trying to pass on messages of positivity! I want you to know that what you do matters to so many people!

  6. Lukas B

    @5:40 the reason is that there can be things that have to be learned or achieved before one can finally gather the fruits of this previous period by living the dream, which is possible when you (probably) have more time in your life. But when you know you have only one year left, then splitting that time into these two periods in the most effective way would be the best I can think of.

  7. Nicky Bardol

    It is such a great video with such an inspiring content! It's amazing how much time we spend doing things that doesn't even make sence or that we don't like and I wish everybody would realize, what you've said that our time here on earth is not forever. Everyday is a miracle that we keep breathing and it's something that not many people notice. We should spend time with our families and friends instead of sitting on the couch watching TV all day long… So thank you for making this video remainding of all important things we have to do and that we have to enjoy every little moment in our lives! And those incredible shots! It's unbelievable that some people haven't even seen the sea or the snow so we have to be thankful for a lot of things we have.
    Nicole 😊

    And I just realized that you have posted this video in September but it's great to see it now that we are starting a new year with new expectations, wishes and goals.
    so again thank tou for everything you do. I love your videos and I also love Katy's videos (I'm from Argentina) and watching it in English and also in Spanish is also good for people like me that speaks English but could improve it and I always know that the videos are going to be magnificent. It is also like we were there with you guys in every video enjoying the food, the views and also the wind/the breeze… so again thank you for your incredible job!

  8. elterco873

    I found your channel just a few minutes ago and i'm subscribe already. Amazing video, great message, really inspirational!
    Please if you have how to translate this video to more languages, there's a lot of people who really needs to see it, they need to believe like you do.
    I'm sorry for you loss.

    Sorry about my english


    This touched me, in so many ways. I cannot fully express my appreciation for the motivational qualities and the artistic depth of this "piece" so I will just say

    Thank you.

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