Singapore Travel Vlog 2018 | HAUSOFCOLOR

This was my first time in Singapore and definitely won’t be my last! I had so much fun exploring the little-big island and was fascinated with how developed the city was: the infrastructure, culture, and OMG the food… it was so beyond delicious! Thank you guys for following along on my journey to southeast asia and thank you to All Nippon Airways for the best ride home in Experience Class! Xx

All Nippon Airways:
ANA Experience Class:

Places we went to:
• Marina Bay Sands (hotel in Singapore):
• Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre
• A Noodle Story: Singaporean ramen

Thailand Travel Vlog:

Camera equipment:
• (travel/vlogs): Canon G7X Mark II:
• (everything else): Canon 70D:
Editing: Final Cut Pro X
Produced by: HAUSOFCOLOR


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FTC: This video is in partnership with All Nippon Airways for the “Welcome To Experience Class” Campaign.
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50 Replies to “Singapore Travel Vlog 2018 | HAUSOFCOLOR”

  1. ColdBrewBarbie

    I love all the blogs you make they are so inspiring and your voice is so serene! Your adventures are so unbelievable to watch! Thank you for showing the beauty of yourself and your trips!

  2. OnePhoenix77

    OH MY G*D ! Was fascinated by Singapore since was a kid and always wanted to go albeit grew up in a financially precarious situation and was never able to afford it ! Singapore is third-largest foreign exchange market, third-largest financial centre, third-largest oil refining and trading centre,!! Happy for you ! You are beautiful and love your melodic voice narrations ! Keep it up !
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  3. Reema Kz

    Hey this was a great video. You should also check out this guy's YouTube channel "Eric GoodLife Johnson" he's a travel vlogger. He definitely makes great videos as well!

    I think he's in Asia right now.

  4. Adriana Sparkle

    My sister and I just saw the movie "Crazy Rich Asians"! The scene of Singapore in the movie was intriguing! My sister said that Singapore is one place she would love to visit! Thanks for the Vlog!


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    I have been watching your youtube channel, i love it and you have also inspired me to make my own travel experience vlog in Singapore, please do come and check it out i hope you like ………..thank you so much for your motivation

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