Beirut Travel Guide

Our Beirut Travel Guide! Friends, I am incredibly proud of this one. It took months of planning and prep to put together our Beirut episode but I hope you’ll agree that it’s been worth the wait. Beirut and Lebanon are extraordinary places, an absolute must on any traveler’s bucket list. Great food, warm and generous people, breathtaking scenery, and a fascinating history. I am very, very proud to share our Beirut travel experiences with you.

Thanks to our friends at Banque du Liban Accelerate for supporting us in the creation of this episode –

Our food experts Iffat and Hisham were part of the Taste Lebanon team –

How we film our travel guides –

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20 Replies to “Beirut Travel Guide”

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  2. Zainab Ghoson

    Please can you delete this video because this is not good and you are trying to say Libanon is not good and you're trying to Be mean so stop idiot

  3. Ali Emre SELÇUK

    Just to be clear, it is Turkey that had welcomed the most Syrian refugees than any other country in the world.

  4. wendygrett

    The only thing I disagree with about your Lebanon, is that it is NOT an arab country. Lebanese are not arabs. Those who say they are, are not true Lebanese, but have come from some neighbouring country.

  5. Eikichigai (Billy Woolfolk)

    Mashrou Leila, Wa Nueid. Perfect BG music for this video.
    And I can't be sure, but that final song sounds a lot like Amal Murkus. The only reason I doubt myself is because she's Palestinian and this one was singing about Beirut.

  6. Danny H

    "You're never going to come to Beirut" WHAT??? I'm watching this video because I'm going to be there in 3 weeks! Beirut is perfectly safe and has been for years, and I've wanted to visit for ages.

  7. Sonya سنيا صونيا ماما ابو هيدر مومي

    اسمي 🇺🇸🇱🇧صونيا. Hello. I appreciate your video and positive comments on Lebanon🇱🇧🌷☺️. The media needs to make more videos positive and Happy to show the Good of Lebanon🇱🇧💞🇱🇧حب☺️🌷

  8. Farajaraf

    Lebanon doesn't have any desserts because it's a microstate. All the things that are great about Lebanon are Levantine qualities. As a southern Levantine I think it's kind of a shame that not only are these qualities of Lebanon vastly underrepresented, but mostly because they aren't also seen as Levantine qualities in general.

  9. Farajaraf

    Why this push to say no camels? Camels are an amazing animal; nothing to be ashamed of. As an integral and successful part of the Phone and, Canaanites, Assyrian, Persian,Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Ottoman Empires and the silk road in general, I'm sure Lebanon had more camels per capita than many other middle Eastern countries at one point. But now there are railroads and vehicles and such.

  10. Chriss Costantine

    However as a Lebanese Christian I would've preferred that the Christian side of Lebanon gets displayed more since Lebanon is knows for being the only Christian majority country of the middle-east..

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