What I Eat in A Day in NYC | Healthy and Easy

Check out Caraway for $25 off: hey loves! Here’s another “What I Eat” featuring some recipes I’ve been eating for this fall/winter. Plz enjoy me being a bit of a hot mess 🙂
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31 Replies to “What I Eat in A Day in NYC | Healthy and Easy”

  1. Aine O Malley

    Your breakfast meal could also be used as a great night time snack. Cinnamon, bananas and heated almond milk help relax mind and body, so it works both ways, so it works both ways, breakfast as a warm meal first thing in the morning or a great way to help you sleep 🙂

  2. Destinee DeSousa

    OMG i was dying when you brought out the robot vacuum to clean up the rice and then lost it when you accidentally knocked the bottle of wine over because that's basically how it goes when i cook with my friends as well 😂

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