The Whisper Challenge w/ Carrie! | TessChristine & MissFashioneda

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed and got a few laughs out of this video. Sending all my love. xx

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Sweater- Target
Top-Brandy Melville
Frends Rose Gold Head Phones

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32 Replies to “The Whisper Challenge w/ Carrie! | TessChristine & MissFashioneda”

  1. Alice Dodd

    i've watched so many of these whisper challenges and this is the first one to not only make me laugh but i actually had tears streaming down my face hahaha

  2. Kayleena Racquel

    Way too funny! Tess you were so cute screaming your answers haha Carrie your hilarious, I need someone to film this with it looks too fun! lol

  3. Lauryn Arel

    Your hair is amazing in the video, like always! I feel like I can never get the perfect messy bun, it's so frustrating. 😩

  4. ems

    The Whisper Challenge- I believe Thatcherjoe came up with it. Please give credit where it's due, otherwise loved the vid 🙂

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