Breathtaking SECRET SPOT in DUMAGUETE – Philippines Travel Vlogs

We discovered this magical place in Dumaguete during our Negros Oriental trip. This is without a doubt the most beautiful waterfall we have ever seen! This is exactly we love living and travelling in the Philippines 😍

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We are Mike and Nelly, two passionate travellers who love to immerse themselves into new cultures and experiences all around the globe. We are always up for travels that involve amazing people, good food, great coffee and the next adventure. We love capturing these moments on our Travel Vlogs.

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34 Replies to “Breathtaking SECRET SPOT in DUMAGUETE – Philippines Travel Vlogs”

  1. Making it happen Vlog

    We discovered this magical place in Dumaguete during our Negros Oriental trip. This is without a doubt the most beautiful waterfall we have ever seen! This is exactly we love living and travelling in the Philippines 😍

  2. Marianne Cooper

    It's wonderful to see you both enjoying Philippines and being respectful and caring about the environment. Love your humility and smiles too. In that country, one little smile is rewarded 9x 🙂

  3. Raulland Zapknai

    if yu look at it without thinking its water falls, it looks like you are under the two mountains with very small opening like a canyon where sun light getting through . as the water falls shines so bright.

  4. Nej Scarlet

    Nakahuna huna nalang ko pag naog ba madalin as tas ligid ka pailalom kaluoy tawon phobia jd na nako ug tae bali jd kapoya sa 300 steps paingon sa falls ira mangurog gyud imo tiil ug makasampit kas Ginoo kay kapoy and dapat jd mag warm up

  5. Peter Robann Sobrepena

    Dumaguete is not built to be a tourist city. Infrastructures aren't even built to cater to tourism but still expats are coming to the city. So if your visiting Dumaguete as a tourist don't expect Dumaguete to cash you out for a gimmick like how bohol is.
    Dumaguete will not treat you as a tourist, it will treat you like you are a local. So if you're in Dumaguete, try to be a local and mingle with locals 🙂

  6. Johnny Reyes

    I am here in the Philippines but why I don’t see the beautiful places in my country so thankful for making it happen vlog now I could be able to experience a lot of nice tourists spots thru your videos thank you so much.

  7. Ruben Bitas

    Wow I’m a Filipino but never know that water falls until I saw you vlog. You really nature lover and protector, I appreciate your concern and love my country , our country, guys I live in Los Angeles , California and when I get back home I’ll be visiting that place.

  8. Carle Cabalit

    You deserve the place guys , i'm flattered to see you touring the place!the beauty of nature and your face are a perfect's like I watched an island in polynesia.its very exotic!

  9. Dar Tee

    Hi Mike and Nelly. Thank you for showing us how you're enjoying our country the Philippines. May you continue to grow and succeed in your travels. Mabuhay!

  10. luisa garcia

    Thanks for exploring our islands and discovering the most beautiful places in our country.All my life I lived here in my country.But I see those beautiful places hidden at the countryside only through your blogs and other bloggers.Thanks for travelling in our country and showing us all the treasures that we have here.

  11. Karen Racion

    I am glad you find the place beautiful. This is in Valencia, the home of my grandparents. Though I have to say that you do not need to compare it to Bali. Each place has its own unique beauty.

  12. Gilbert Daymiel

    Hi making it hapoen vlog…i'm one of your fan i'm watching your vlogs before i sleep at night,i can suggest you guys to go panglao in bohol phillipines it's very nice there,can i ask what drone do you use?shout out daymiel family from dipolog city! But i'm working here in dubai

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