Tulum Mexico (Paradise)

Travel vlog to Tulum Mexico, paradise!

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018

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36 Replies to “Tulum Mexico (Paradise)”

  1. Charles Taylor

    The cenote where it reads "Jump Here" Please tell me how to get to that one. Im bringing my GF there this week

  2. alex soto

    There is a famous cenote in southern Yucatan you may want to check out. it is called the Cenote of God. It has a whirlpool with ocean fish. People go in but they don t come out. Also, you need to be aware, water, electricity and Mexicans are a dangerous mixture.

  3. tvylor j

    before I even went to tulum, I saw this video, and it was helpful, checked out 2 ojos myself.
    Check out my latest trip there, stayed at hands down the best hotel in Tulum!

  4. batterybhai

    Okay you convinced me. We are going there in 2019 for sure. Also watched the xcaret (cancun) video. Going there for 2 days too. As an Indian national staying in US, Mexico has always fascinated me. Beautiful country, wonderful people, food, music and culture.. So excited to go there. But I wonder what is the best month to go.

  5. John Edward Jones

    Been in Tulum a couple times. Cenote visit is a spiritual experience for me. The energy is amazing including the beauty.
    Public Beach is one of the most beautiful stretches of ocean and sand anywhere. I lived in Hawaii and have been able travel. I was mesmerized and still think about that experience.

  6. Eric y Álvaro Van A

    Does it say somewhere which cenote is which? I’ve figured out some of them, but the names would be super helpful if anyone has them… Headed there in 2 weeks 👌

  7. Claribel Nana

    Its gorgeous
    If you ever in Cancun and need an honest personal guide 24/7 call Jimmy +529982293428.
    He charges only 500 pesos…and you can have him for 24/7 .
    Tell him Felice sent you for 10%off.

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