Come Thrifting With Me For Prom Dresses

I decided to go thrifting with a bit of a challenge and tried to thrift a prom dress! You definitely never know what your local thrift store might hold! I had so much fun thrifting with my sis and I hope you enjoy☆
xo, elena

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22 Replies to “Come Thrifting With Me For Prom Dresses”

  1. DelilahZoe

    Most of the dresses you had on were nothing a shy 17 year old would wear as one of the first ever evening gowns they would wear. Please keep in mind your audience!

  2. Ryleigh Treichel

    I found my prom dress for $15 at goodwill!! It fits me perfectly. I found it with Halloween costumes? Which I thought was funny. It’s a gorgeous dress from David’s bridal or something like that

  3. Starkamite

    I tried on a dress at Macy’s from the Say Yes to the Dress line last year, and it was $250 at the time. I came back a week after prom season ended and bought the same dress for $20 for this year.

  4. Erika Rodriguez

    You should have gotten that first dress you tried on, bought some black fabric at a craft store, sewed it around the waist to make the skirt long, made a leg slit, and BAM you would have had a sexy low cost prom dress! 😍

  5. Kherrigvlogs

    Omg😂😂 the ad I had before the vid was a curology ad and it was the world record egg😂😂😂😂

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