PORT BARTON, PALAWAN – Chill little backpacker beach town – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep7

Port Barton is a beautiful little beach town with the perfect mix of tourism and local life. This is much different from the other popular destinations in Palawan like Coron and El Nido. There are much fewer people and the overall vibe is way more chill.

While there are not as many immense limestone cliffs in the sea like in El Nido and Coron, Port Barton still offers amazing island hopping boat tours which will be featured in my next vlog.

I really enjoy how the town isn’t completely dedicated to tourism. There is a school in the middle of town, so on any given weekday there will be children walking to and from class and they all seem so independent and happy.

The people are friendly, the nature is beautiful, and the food is delicious. It’s a great place to visit. Port Barton should definitely be on your destination list if you’re traveling around the Philippines.

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26 Replies to “PORT BARTON, PALAWAN – Chill little backpacker beach town – Philippines Travel Vlog Ep7”

  1. Sam Was Here

    Port Barton is incredible!! How many more stops / how much longer are you in the Philippines? We tried not booking a few times but found it easier to just book en-route as we were arriving to each town

  2. Ektwp5 Supertramp

    Nice one dude!!! A pleasure to be part of your video and journey! Peace and safe travels! Greetings from Nepal

  3. Alex Bada

    i miss Misha haha, the Vlog still really awsome tho , you have really step up your traveler game since the first video, i am going to india in 3 weeks any tips ?

  4. Sandrelly Inomata

    Hey Steve! I saw my comment as one of your favorites. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. It's wonderful to see the Philippines through your eyes. Although so distant, I have the impression that it looks a lot like Brazil. People with an easy smile, fruits, beaches… You need to go to Brazil =)
    Have fun! Peace!

  5. Paden Shorey

    Awesome series so far. We actually stayed in the same "hostel" as you guys! Andrew (the guy who checked you in) partied with us every night and even came on a boat tour with us (then proceeded to puke over the side as a result of the 6 bottles of rum we downed). Keep enjoying your time in the Philippines and go check out Malapascua if you have time (North of Cebu)!

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