Trip to Ko Samet Island, Thailand

Day 6 of our trip around ASIA!

All filmed using Gopro Hero4 Silver

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13 Replies to “Trip to Ko Samet Island, Thailand”

  1. Rafuschka

    Hey, greetings from germany. I really like you videos but your ko samet video is blocked by gema so I couldnt watch it. Maybe you can find a way to unblock it for the other people with the same problem. Keep going dude 🙂 !

  2. L'Annie Field

    i love how most of the beaches are the "most beautiful beach" you have ever seen 🙂 – btw Australia has the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

  3. Larry Wheels

    You saved 50 baht for motorcycle. What's that? $1.75 american? Gee I'm on holiday and I'm going to walk around and price shop. Can't wait to see you barter a 800 baht room.

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