Seattle Travel Guide

Our Seattle Travel Guide! The Emerald City shines bright as we explore this Pacific Northwest Gem.

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Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in America and has so much to offer visitors to its verdant shores.

Nestled between ancient conifer forests, sprawling inland waterways, and imposing mountain ranges, it’s hard to find a city with a more impressive surrounding than the Emerald City.

Home to fresh and delicious seafood, and some of the best burgers you’ll ever have, you’re not going to go hungry in Seattle!

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29 Replies to “Seattle Travel Guide”

  1. John Leon-Guerrero

    "One of the better US Airports". That statement is far from the truth and I'm from Seattle. One of the worst airports in America, lets consolidate all United arrivals into one baggage carousel while we save the unused carousels for…nothing.

  2. Barry H

    Not really a travel guide video. Overlooks the nuances of the city and the neighborhoods. No mention of capital hill, etc.

  3. Scot Verdin

    I live in Seattle and I thank you for your honest thoughts of our complicated and indeed most beautiful American city. Come back soon.

  4. Habib Hussain

    I always dig alex's videos but was a bit taken aback by his feelings on tipping. Granted , Seattle has its own fair share of socio economic problems, but hang on a minute doesn't every city in the world have this problem ? Surely tipping is at the discretion of the individual concerned and to say you shouldn't travel because you don't respect the cultural norm of 'tipping'…is a bit much in my view.. and alex , lest you forget, seattle is located in the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world…so its not as if the city is an island in a sea of despair with no governmental assitance…plenty of other cities in the world where that is the case…For your next video how about taking a trip to one of the developing countries in the world that have dragged themselves out of despair on the path to economic equality for all…

  5. Profoundsoup

    Thanks for another, awesome video. Been to Seattle 6 times and something keeps drawing me back, time and time again. I think the city just has so much variety of things to do when you get bored.

  6. Fritz Keuch

    I'm from Seattle and this was the best and most honest representation I've ever watched about our city! Great video and thanks for doing such an amazing job with all your research 🙂

  7. michael tipton

    I am glad he included the museum of flight. That is a spectacular museum that is often overlooked. It has a huge collection and you can easily spend a half a day there.

  8. Mike Tryon

    yeah…no. until those masked liberals are delt with my family and I wont be going anywhere near that place.

  9. Paichooblogs

    I just came across a pic of Bill Gates waiting in line to place an order for burgers at Dicks .. option to upload a pic here….

  10. ozzycarnut

    1:53 $3 for the light rail is amazing. they like to gouge where i live, brisbane, australia. the 'airtrain' is $18.50 aud one way ($13 usd), thats why alot of people just uber if they have a party of two or more, its way cheaper than the airtrain gouge. lol @ 11:24! yes thats a bag of dicks im sure anyone wouldnt mind eating : )

  11. Darth Smirnoff

    If I pay $9 for a beer, it better come with a rub and tug, and he better damn well appreciate me doing it.

  12. Jess Everyday

    I'm so glad you got to check out Seattle! If you want In-n-Out style, you want Red Mill. No one locally does the 3×3 or more patty style, but the covered in sauce and bacon goodness that is Red Mill is something magical. (Also, yeah, happy hours are necessary to save money on food out here.)

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