Travel Vlog: The Magical Streets Of Cartagena Colombia (Things To Do)

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Address of café: La Presentacion Café y Museo Arte: Playa del Tejadillo N 5 – 197 | Centro Historico, Cartagena, Colombia

Are you planning a trip to Cartagena Colombia and looking for some inspiration and tips to help you make the most of your holiday?

Hannah and Dan recently spent a week in Cartagena Colombia and fell head over heels in love with the place.

In this travel vlog you’ll discover why plus how you can thoroughly enjoy your very own travel experience in Cartagena Colombia.

Location: Cartagena Colombia
Camera: Canon G7X –
Laptop (editing):
Airbnb Accommodation:
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Welcome to another travel vlog!

Hannah and Dan are the twenty-something Australian/Brazilian founders of StoryV Travel & Lifestyle who met whilst traveling and then went on to wander the world together indefinitely.

With a thirst for experiencing and learning about unfamiliar cultures in exotic corners of the world, they travel slowly, living a digital nomad lifestyle.

Their Mission: To travel to every country in the world whilst inspiring, encouraging and helping YOU to follow your dreams and live, travel and work around the world too.



31 Replies to “Travel Vlog: The Magical Streets Of Cartagena Colombia (Things To Do)”

  1. volter555

    Nice place but lady don't have to put herself in the frame while sehe is explaining. at the beginning she introduce herself show herself and the rest; she doesn't need to be in the frame so often.

  2. John Lawson

    Cartagena to me was just a tourist trap.

    Every corner somebody was trying to sell you something. You felt harassed every minute.

    Enjoy the food and sites but just be ready to feel like you're a target all day.

  3. Our EveryJLife

    We had such a good time in Cartagena. It's like a Caribbean vacation but you're in South America. Very cool. We actually just posted a video about our time there with our kids.

  4. ms maruya

    Very beautiful. Looks like how Intramuros in Manila was like before WW2 destroyed everything. Cartagena and Manila are twin cities. I hope to visit someday and see it in person because the one in Manila no longer exists.

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