I’m a creator, NOT a female creator

I’m a creator, not a female creator

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A new short film – I love making short films. You guys and girls know I’m falling more and more in love with film making. I love telling stories.

In this short film, I touch on the subject boxing yourself into a role that doesn’t serve you, doesn’t help you grow, doesn’t allow freedom of expression fully.

It’s about human labels and the divide I think it’s putting between us. I see labels as nothing but a way to give us permission to hate each other, see each other as enemies instead of being one.

Obviously in this video I touch on the topic of feminism. I’m NOT going against what feminism is, of COURSE I want equality for all, but just as any other label, I think this one is also causing a divide and stalling a lot of artists.

It’s putting a box around me when I’m first and foremost a creator. And I will continue creating work as just that.

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –
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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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27 Replies to “I’m a creator, NOT a female creator”

  1. Mark Abbott

    Great video! I just discovered your channel, due to the video you did on the Wim Hof method. Now that I've seen a few others, I like your style. In one sense, it makes sense to create content for girls, if it's something that only girls can relate to, like make-up tutorials, guy problems, etc… But some of the channels I've seen that promote themselves as girls channels have a lot of content that could be beneficial to guys, as well. The way I see it, if people see something that doesn't apply to them, they're probably not going to watch it. I have two websites of my own that I run and neither of them is dedicated just to men. One is a sort of self-improvement channel, and while there's a lot of content in there about things like self-discipline and challenging yourself, none of that is exclusive to males. In fact, more than half of the comments and feedback I've gotten over it has come from females, which is perfectly alright with me. I'm all about people power and if you're a talented artist, musician, entrepreneur, or whatever, then you're a master – period. it doesn't matter to me whether you're a man or woman. I didn't think twice about watching your Wim Hof video, just because you're female. It was at least as informative, if not more, as anything I've ever seen from a male. Best of luck to you! I have subscribed and I'll be keeping up with your channel from here on.

  2. Abigael Provost

    I lovee how you stay true to yourself. you are amazing and you inspire me alot to be simply me! without labels. LOVE YOU DUDE

  3. javazara

    You are a great creator and inspiration for me! Keep on going with your job and stay true to yourself I think this is the key to all great creators. It doesn't matter if you are a girl or boy… Just stay true to you and you will be happy!
    Peace 😉

  4. DevanOnDeck

    You’re the best and have been inspiring me for months now. I feel the same way you do about being a creator that happens to be Black. Proud of who I am but don’t label myself 💯 keep doing you, much love

  5. bridgettesamm

    All i could say throughout this video "I KNOW THATS RIGHTTTT DUDEEEE!!!! Power to the pussy, power to the penis, power to the PEOPLE!" <3 yo i fuckin love you Sorelle

  6. Mohammed Gadi

    Sounds to me like the people that say I don't see race I don't see colour. Which is inevitably condescending. However, that's just my opinion based on how I view the world from my gay, black, Arab & Muslim point of view. Still though – a super awesome visual <3!

  7. Nichole H.

    I only discovered you today but you can watch a lot of videos in a day, this is by far my favourite video! Thanks dude

  8. Lee Golder

    I've generally been a SAHM and occasionally worked. Hubby always spoke about my 'little job'. Sure it was casual and in a chippy shop. His attitude soon changed for the better when I said my little job outearns his and we'd suffer financially without it.

  9. Brushstroke

    I recently discovered my passion for portrait/model photography (literally a week ago). I've followed a couple of these types of self-portrait photographers for a decade, but ne'er hoped that I could make something of it like they had. Now I really plan to delve in and explore this genre and your videos have already helped me to learn how best to achieve things beyond my existing instincts. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  10. Nevena Vasileva

    Amazing message! I love your personality and the way you express yourself and your emotions. Keep going I will follow you <3

  11. koloraturista

    Finally. Thank you for that unique message in this crazy, split up world of people locking themselves up in boxes. <3

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