Fiiiinally got my travel vlog from Greece up! Such an amazing trip with some of my greatest friends. Will remember this one forever 🙂

Thank you Daniel Wellington for everything.




41 Replies to “GREECE TRAVEL VLOG!”

  1. Krystal

    Greece is my favourite place 😍 I just uploaded my Greece video on my channel, would love it if you could check it out and let me know what you think ☺️

  2. Natasha Warner

    anyone up to collab or shout eachother out.. or just be friends? i do travel, cinematic videos, vlogs (they are bad at the moment but i promise im going to be better lol) im a small youtuber and its so hard to grow in this community,.. im very lonely. subscribe if yall want <3 but other than this i love this video so much

  3. Pip Girl

    I don't even know who Daniel wellington is but how the heck can they afford to send so many people to Greece…… That's insane! It looks so fun lol

  4. Simran Kaur

    Claudia totally looks like dua lipa when the song(new rules) was playing in the background iy seemed like dua lipa is itself is dancing on her own song..btw awesome vlog 💕⭐

  5. PeterR

    Very vanilla! Looks more like a bisexual companionship outing for well to do kids of the rich and greedy. Greece must be in there somewhere.

  6. Pernilla S

    HAhaha I did the exact same thing and got a sea urchin thorn in my foot, did it ever come out,…hm…I guess so, but it was in there for a long long long time.

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