How to Live in China

I can’t believe that it’s already been over a year since I got to China! In this video, I give you an idea of what living here is like, and some tips and tricks that have worked for me. One thing is for sure, China is never boring!

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27 Replies to “How to Live in China”

  1. Jen Gouws

    If you are having problems with getting a work visa in China, I can help. contact on watsapp +27741533310

  2. 喵同学

    I almost crying. China is not always good, it truly has some problems, but China just keeps going, being better and better. BTW, You are always welcome to China! Every people who friendly are always welcome to China.

  3. Yoyo HB

    "As I've hoped to you guys, China is the place, China is the place that you can never stop exploring. Because China is so big, no matter how much you've learned about it, there's so much more to learn and to experience. I'm not saying goodbye to China, I'm comming back to China. But for now, I am moving on. And, China, it's bren great. Thank you for never been boring! "

    Thank you very much for your comment to our country!

  4. Do it 4 the fun

    Don’t move to China I’ve lived there for 3 months now and a year and 8 months to go

    The people stare at you constantly, the pollution is terrible and don’t even get me started on basic luxuries (clean drinking water, HOT water etc)

  5. JJ L

    Over half million Chinese students study abroad every year. Some students are even less then 18 year old. Yet Chinese kids are brave to embrace culture shock, get out of their comfort zone, and learn local language and culture. And some stay abroad for work to further learn about the business there. Many come back and bring back knowledge, which helps Chinese business to expand internationally..Chinese are truly believe in globalization and more open to different cultures

  6. han zheng

    Hi, hope you some day revisit China. I highly recommend you to visit Dali and Lijiang cities, one of the most beautiful places in China. I can be your guide then. China is a huge country with countless scenic spots and fantastic places, wish you can come back!

  7. Nisong Lao

    You are an amazing girl, bright, brilliant, brave, beautiful and interesting. I agree with you on learning Chinese language. It's not that difficult; the key thing is to repeat and insist learning and using.

  8. 投机者

    Mainly because there are more men and fewer women in China ,If you're a guy, you probably won't miss it very much

  9. Liu TL

    VPN law of china is totally absurd, and the gov just use it to punish someone who they found harmful to their ruling, and by example. So they take one or two vpn users , sellers to jail now and then , here and there.

  10. 潘博丰

    VPN is so slow, the most popular software to bypass the internet censorship in China is shadowsocks. It is very fast, and easy to use. You can automatically start it with your computer and no need to click the connect button. Even it can only proxy the banned websites. So it will not influence the speed of the Chinese websites, very recommend it.

  11. Jolie English

    Thanks for answering the question I've been wondering forever! Using a "VPN" to access YouTube and post from China.

  12. Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    Home is where your love is at and it seems to be that for you is China.
    Antonio, the 18 wheeler

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