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What Im Wearing:
Top- Nasty Gal
Headband- Urban Outfitters
Necklace- Stargaze Jewelry
Lips- Kylie Lip Kit “Candy K”
Questions Answered:
1. What piece of clothing have I owned the longest?
2. Is there any video I regret filming?
3. Do Patrick and I fight?
4. If YouTube stops, what would I do?
5. What is something you miss about the midwest?
6. Where do you want to travel to next?
7. How to be confident without being arrogant?
8. Would you live somewhere else in the world?
9. Do Pat and I plan on getting married?
10. Why did you choose NYC instead of LA?
11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
12. Has your style evolved since moving to NYC?
13. What’s the craziest thing you and Patrick have ever done?
14. What is your spirit animal/
15. Biggest “reality check’ when moving to NYC?
16. How do you afford your clothes even before you made fashion your career?
17. How did you make friends and find cool locations to film in NYC?

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46 Replies to “AFFORDING CLOTHES, MARRIAGE, TRAVEL & MORE! | #asktess”

  1. Yuan Q.

    I think watching old videos and being able to cringe now is sorta a good thing because it shows that you've changed and improve 🙂

  2. Ariana Galvez

    it took 1 video for me to subscribe. you are so down to freaking earth woman and I love itt!!!!!! I'm from Los Angeles and I'm moving to NY with my husband in the Spring next year. And thefact that youre a fashion channel makes me so happy becuase I want to upgrade my closet. SO HAPPY with your vibe and character

  3. Melissa

    What's the biggest tip you'd give a new YouTuber I really want to start a channel but I'm not sure how to really just go for it. I'm 20 btw so it's funny to think that's when you started

  4. Juanita Arbizu

    OMG. I love how real you are. Like, you dont make it like everything is all super easy, you show that you do actually have to save, work, and prioritize for the things that you want which is great bc those are things were all capable of, meaning that it is possible for us to also have fun experiences.

  5. Ashika Vadher

    Watching this video, I have had such a surge of inspiration…when a YouTuber has done that to you, you know they have succeeded.

  6. melissa0755

    Ur so pretty Tess! And there's nothing wrong in having an old phone :)) I still had the same phone iphone as u until I got my current phone just over a year ago lol.

  7. Bangtan Trash

    Am I the only one who thinks Tess resembles Jessica Alba?? Anyways, Tess is adorable and literally my favorite YouTuber ever!

  8. M.C.

    I know this is really late but try the postmark app or 5 miles or let go; they're apps where you can sell your items☺

  9. Mimi Nguyen

    Loved this Q+A, more vlogs around New York maybe? My sister lives there, so I visit her often, and I'm always trying to find more things to do and places to eat! (I've already seen all your NYC videos, super helpful)

  10. denisse almonte

    I'm from NY and went to Delaware for a year and people used to look at me like if I was a weirdo 🙄 it's so laid back there.

  11. talita chagas

    Tess I want to say that I reallyyy love your channel your style is sooo beautiful and I think that you and pat are the cutest couple ever , you guys look so good together!!!

  12. Tristen Barnes

    Awh can you believe that in this video she asked her boyfriend when they planned on getting married & then today she got engaged 😩

  13. Isy Mabel

    i look back at this video now and seeing the marriage question pop up. It's just sooooo amazing that it actually happened and I am so freaking happy for you two!!

  14. Alexia Diam

    Coming back to this video now Tess, and I'm telling you that I would be your number 1 supporter (but not the only one) in your clothing line since your style is the best thing in the world ! You're the sweetest, hope this clothing line would be achieved, because we would all be super happy! Lots of love from Paris <3

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