Top 7 INCREDIBLE Places in ICELAND you WON’T BELIEVE EXIST! A list of my top destinations In Iceland while traveling the country.

Iceland Cost of Living:

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018

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25 Replies to “Top 7 INCREDIBLE Places in ICELAND you WON’T BELIEVE EXIST”

  1. Erik Conover

    My Top 7 INCREDIBLE Places in ICELAND you WON'T BELIEVE EXIST! Comment below if you have been to Iceland or any place I missed on my list!

  2. stackleft

    What a beautiful place. I have always wanted to go, and still do, but the prices seem to be extreme. Why would anyone go there and pay those ridiculous prices?

  3. Jack Lindsay

    Is there anyone in Iceland that would be willing to meet me to show me some places that isn't touristy

  4. CoyoteMike

    Great video Erik… Me and my wife were in Iceland in September of 2017…We have traveled to more than 40 countries and I can honestly say Iceland was one of our favorites…We made a 2 week circle of Iceland and actually got to see the Northern lights on our first night in Reykjavik…UNBELIEVABLE!.
    The only downside to our trip was the costs of their food…A bowl of F**king soup (in most restaurants) cost us $20 to $25…We decided to save some money and eat fast food like SUBWAY (12" sub and soda for $10) we also purchased skyr and other foods from the local convenience /grocery stores…Yes it is more expensive than the groceries in the states but much more affordable than the restaurants.
    Despite this I wouldn't trade our experiences in Iceland for a Million Bucks.

  5. MrRapperskillz

    Wow what a good Edit! I would recommend Glymur. One of the biggest waterfall I Iceland + one of the sickest views you will ever see!

  6. Iceland is Niceland

    Do you like to see the magnificent Seljalandsfoss and Skogarfoss and many of other waterfalls with a good private Guide ?
    I take you there and show you the nature and we explore lot of waterfalls glaciers Ice-cave and national parks plus other interesting nature.
    Personal tours and good music.One of the most popular private Guide tours in Iceland.
    100% 5. Star TripAdvisor.

  7. GachaTuberrr 040209

    WTH i did not know that these places exist /WTH ég vissi ekki að þessir staðir voru til! (I live on Iceland/ég á heima á Íslandi)

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