testing WEIRD travel PILLOWS

What is the BEST or WORST Travel Pillow? We try out & test some of the weirdest, gimmicky travel pillows there are.
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Ostrich –
Trtl –
Travelrest –
Mulgore –
Go Pillow –

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This video is NOT sponsored. These are just pillows…

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34 Replies to “testing WEIRD travel PILLOWS”

  1. Hey Nadine

    Which of these weird pillows would YOU actually use/try?
    P.S. if you enjoyed these "travel product" reviews let me know and we can do more!

  2. Nanichaa

    My inflatable pillow almost explodes everytime because of air pressure. The best travel pillow is my pillow pet!

  3. Y&S FOOD!

    Outstanding movie! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we like to find such a contents. We make Travel & Food shows too, across the globe, so we are frequently searching for inspirations as well as creative concepts. Thank You.

  4. Sue Rogers

    Great! I really wanted to see a review like this as I have been looking at different options. Thank you 🙏🏻

  5. Lori Lewis

    Loved this video. Not only was it great to see these pillows demonstrated its comedic element had me laughing out loud. I’ve seen #2 advertised a lot on instagram. This has been a big help. I think I’m ordering your favorite because I agree that the narrow back of the pillow is a plus. Thank you!!!

  6. KJ Gulyban

    I wanted to try the turtle one but didn’t even think about the headphones thing ughhh sticking with the classic

  7. TheVictoriaEddy

    Hey Nadine, does your usual neck pillow get pretty warm after awhile? I am looking to compare with the Cabeau Evolution Cool..

  8. Becky C

    I want to know if anyone seriously uses and enjoys that ostrich pillow! I love the weird-looking J-Pillow from Amazon, it's surprisingly plush and comfortable to sleep on.

  9. EvaSavesTheInternet

    my friend has the ostrich pillow! i think it looks way too uncomfy and weird hahaha
    this was such a good video idea! i’d love to see more travel product stuff like this, especially stuff for road trips! ^__^

  10. Catchows

    So you wouldn’t wear the ostrich pillow thing all the time. You only wear it when you’re ready to sleep so why worry if you’re unable to see?

  11. The Backpackers Cult

    It’s funny because I was so close to buying the neck brace one because I read it was the most comfortable but very glad I didn’t. Happy to hear it wasn’t a hit!!

  12. Adventures With Laine and Robert

    The ostrich one reminds me of when Mr Bean gets his head stuck in the Christmas turkey. Just me? Okay I’ll go 😂

  13. tarnado82

    One of the best review videos regarding the travel pillows. Good job. I was thinking to buy a Trtl pillow, but after your video I will stick with memory foam.

  14. Anita Scarr

    None of them really looked comfortable! Lol… the third one with the long arm looked entertaining!! 😂

  15. Travel Life

    Nice content love you. I created my new Travel related Channel please subscribe my channel and support me 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. George Grant

    Would love to see more product reviews, going to Nepal for a month next year and it really helps to know what’s good and what’s not!!

  17. notablogger

    Well I just ordered the pillow you actually use, the Go Pillow. I really hope it's thin in the back – I don't want my head pushed forward.

  18. Will Y.

    No travel pillows worked on me…. The ostrich won't work for tall people because there is not enough head room when I am in a very bend-down position. Also bending down like that for an entire flight is extremely taxing on back. I have tried the three-holed inflatable pillow, but the problem is it is too short. I will have to bend my body and push my chin down to reach that breathing hole, and that is very straining. I personally never liked the traditional travel pillow because as a tall person, I cannot lean back far enough, or my knees will press against the the seat in front of me. Thus even the thinnest cushion on the back of my neck pushes my neck and body forward, losing support from the seat itself. I had high hopes for the trtl pillow, but thanks to the review, I think I will pass that. The L shape inflatable pillow is my last hope….

  19. John Miller

    Your pillow choose are very unique and many look very comfortable. But $120 for a pillow is way to much for my liking. What is your take on true adaptive pillow.i Have seen it on some new site and they look like it can provide good neck support.

  20. Crochet Baby

    On my flight to Thailand I used the TRTL pillow and that with some melatonin tablets, I passed out for hours! On the other hand, my boyfriend hated it! It really just depends on the person 🤷‍♀️

  21. Sabra Wilson

    How do you pack your standard memory foam neck pillow for long duration travel when ever your not using it?

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