Intramuros was epic! The Philippines is full of history, thanks to ‘Old Manila Walks’ for showing us around. We did the Intramuros walking tour of the wall, museum, a church and loads of history in Manila ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

We highly recommend a walking tour of Intramuros or the Chinese Cemetery with Old Manila Walks, Ivan was great! But he also offers lots of other Manila walks you should look at, check them out here:

Being complete newbies to the Philippines history of the wall and more, we went open minded into this day in Manila as complete a tourist – we left with so much insight into Intramuros aka The Walled City and loved it.

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44 Replies to “BOMBS, CHURCHES & CEMETERIES – INTRAMUROS OLD MANILA WALKS TOUR | Philippines Vlog 110, 2018”

  1. Ken Tan

    You guys should've visited the Rizal Park and the three buildings of the National Museum. Never realized my country was this nice. Great content, keep it up.

  2. lando evora

    So nice of you both to get interested in our history and culture. That speaks well of the depth of your values and character. Is that a Maori tattoo in your arm? My grandsons perform Haka in their schools in NZ.

  3. Iris Sidney L

    The best historical place I’ve been into is bataan. I recommend “Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar” , “Dambana ng Kagitingan” , and “Japan-Philippines friendship tower”

  4. Danica Gutierrez

    Where you toured massacres of men woman and children took place by the Japanese soldiers, they rounded up thousands and burnt them alive. They stormed houses churches and killed priests,nuns,civilians, Babies were also stabbed beheaded or their eyes taken out. Massacres took place in big schools churches hospitals buildings that still stand today, some of the buildings you entered are also known massacre places. The Japanese ordered the immediate execution of any filipino or foreigner in manila. They killed about 100,000 people. Thats abit of dark history to share that should be known.

  5. Arcee Cordova

    Take the escolta tour as well. That's in manila too but outside intramuros. You'll see the buildings that were bomb. Buildings that've been there since years ago.. And you'll actually walk on the streets of manila

  6. Mmina Maclang

    You guys would likely enjoy the tour at Las Casas in Batanes. A collector has taken old Spanish-era houses and structures from all over the country and rebuilt all of them using the original pieces and restored them to their original looks in this tiny town. You can see the home of the national hero's mom. Theyll also walk you through the slave's corridors. All of the restoration work provides jobs for hundreds of local workers. You can have a tour of their workshops too. One of the people who heads the sculpting is a student of National Artist Botong Francisco. And any excesses and waste like wood chips from a sculpture, and even the kitchen waste from the restaurants, gets reused for the brick making. It's an amazing collection of houses. They also have a gondola ride. And you can also stay overnight at some beach front houses.

  7. Sol Mendoza

    Love how you guys exude good vibes when you talk about your travel experience and how you are so appreciative of even the smallest details. Keep it up.👍

  8. Federico Romero

    You'd even be amaze to see whole family camped overnight in cemeteries on October 31st to November 1st.


    Long story short there's this one guys who used his knowledge, made a book, got in trouble because of it, got sentencedto death by spanish rulers and caused a filipinos alliance named KKK witch means Kataas-taasang kagalang-galangang katipunan which they fought with machetes.

  10. Stephanie Perez

    How crazy is this? I'm watching your vlog and all of a sudden, I see my grandfather's mausoleum. I used to spend every Sunday there with family. Thank you for bringing back that memory!

  11. Stephen Christian Sy

    I am a Chinese-Filipino. My great grandmother was buried there in the Chinese cemetery. My dad and grandma used to bring us there yearly. 🙂

  12. Akilez

    Compared to that Indian guy vlog 8 miles away from Home. i like yours better the other vlogger always complain about the Philippines and you know what to expect in the Philippines.

  13. Leigh Andrew

    …good that your learning about the history of the philippines even only in parts i highly appreciate your effort to know some knowledge about the philippines thank you much most tourist in the philiippines saying they exploring philippines but i believe most tourist are exploiting rather than exploring i maybe wrong but its the way i see it

  14. Carlo Maranan

    What i liked about your videos are there are so much to listen and learn (professional). Much of the videos i have watch commonly shows that vloggers were enjoying there stay and finding cool stuff to do but yours really worth looking forward in every second. I cant stand not to listen to every words being uttered because there's so much to learn.

    Keep making videos.

  15. Mark Louie Castor

    Very nice….in fact Intramuros the only Manila known during Spanish times and there are several Churches located inside the walls other than San Agustin and the Manila Catheral one of them was the Santo Domingo Church, San Ignacio Church and the San Francisco Church all destroyed during World War 2 and 3 presitigious Universities and Colleges like the University of Santo Tomas, Colegio de San Juan de Letran and the Ateneo University

  16. jkdeclaro

    So cool! I studied college in Manila and I've been to Intramuros a few times for a school project. It was so epic! One of the cities very dear to my heart

  17. rene berdan

    I would also recommend the tour of Carlos Celdran on Intramuros.
    "If walls could talk."
    You'll surely have a great insight also of history of my country.
    The way Carlos Celdran would present it is very theatrical. Must see this.

  18. Carlos Jr. Eslabra

    I love watching your videos. Thank you for visiting Philippines. I hope to meet you someday. God bless!

  19. david large

    The Chinese were mainly up north in Vigan they built Spanish type buildings and there is a big river where they came to trade

  20. richier1ch

    im a Filipino now living in Sydney, and ive never been to Intramuros. the last few trips back home has always been about shopping. thanks for this video and sharing your experience!

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