How to Save Money & Buy Less Stuff – Minimalist Budget Tips

It’s hard not to buy everything in sight when there are so many cool gadgets and nice things out there – especially when it seems like there’s a new product or a new trend coming out every week. Here are 4 tips to help you get your buying habit under control. They’ll help you buy less stuff and spend less money.

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25 Replies to “How to Save Money & Buy Less Stuff – Minimalist Budget Tips”

  1. grace sue

    There is no end to having to have or buy excessively…
    Practise self control ….
    Avoid temptation…window shop instead of getting close to those items…

  2. David thomas

    Hi I found my people LOL my wife and I have been doing all of these things in 3 years we saved two years salary accomplishing our 3-year goal I'm glad to find others who have lived with the struggle of going without

  3. Kat Musni Fitness

    Legit- Target is one of the most dangerous places to shop. Go in for shampoo, come out with a new outfit, dumbbells, a monkey wrench, Twizzlers, and a popcorn machine. And no shampoo. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    lolol, awesome tips!! ^____^ <333

  4. Marieanne Greaves

    Thanks for sharing, good food for thought. My newest strategy when shopping, I ask myself, is this a need or a want ?😇🙇✌

  5. Betty Douglas

    Yes, it’s so easy to pick up things that you don’t need or even want. I put some items in my cart, because of points that I’d receive. Walked around the corner and realized I really didn’t need it and put it back. I don’t go shopping much anymore. Don’t want to waste money or time..

  6. Venus Gillespie

    I’ve had an IPhone 5 since 2016, and it’s served me well the whole time I’ve had it. I’m waiting until after I’ve emigrated to Wales to replace it with a Fairphone. If it ain’t broke, don’t replace it!

  7. axelbrode

    Retired and on a fixed income. I can't do the test of how many hours would I need to work to buy this thing that I feel I have to have. Any suggestions? I am in the process of scaling down but I may never be classified as a Minimalist. Thanks, Florida, USA.

  8. Benjamin Staern

    I can agree of using the gear up till it completely breaks down. But sometimes you need to buy that gadget for certain purposes.

  9. Aksiniya Monastyrskaya

    Hi guys! Thanks for the great job you both are doing! I'm only on my way to minimalism (make up and shopping addict, heh), but I really enjoy watching all your videos and find them extremely useful 🙂 I have a weird question to Danielle: I wonder if it's your natural hair colour or not – I just LOVE it))

  10. Mr Anthony

    So your old slow computer lasted an extra year. How much extra work could you of done on a faster computer? If a new computer saves you a half hour to hour per day is it still worth it to scrimp? Computers and other tools are always ROI

  11. mhytrdf kvgtrdddrft

    Due to various factors I have had to scrimp and scrape all my life, and it was miserable not being able to have things that others can. Then one day, I realised that I had been getting along without most things and had survived, and thought that perhaps- as nothing was likely to change, that I needed to change my perspective. I thought of how I didn't have to work excessively long hours, I didn't have a mortgage or maintenance costs to worry about, that I had my health to walk and cycle around, and as I wasn't living among the jet-set, I had no need to keep up with any Joneses. I realised how lucky I actually was to be living life so simply, unencumbered by so much that is artificial to life's needs. – I have plenty of time for myself, for friends and family, and relaxation, and I spend so much time in nature, walking, gardening etc. In fact, not much has actually changed, other than my perspective, which has given me a sense of gratitude and freedom which the simple life offers, and now I barely worry about anything and actually feel blessed! Life is full of traps, and I admit it must be a different ball game if you have kids, but even there, things like minimalist lifestyle, and fun outdoors as a family can help reduce costs, so if you can make changes, I recommend you try and see what can be achieved- but think of it as an alternative lifestyle, rather than some kind of pennance – I hope this is inspirational to some, and they can discover a happier life, as I did!

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