In this video, we take you around the beautiful Old City of Cartagena. This historic city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s sometimes referred to as the “Walled City” because there is an old military defense wall surrounding the Old City.

Austin will be with me for the next 2 weeks and Cartagena is our first stop. Following Cartagena, we will be visiting Santa Marta, Parque Tayrona National Natural Park, El Rio Hostel, Palomino, and Minca. The coast of Colombia is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and I’m excited to take you along for the journey.


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  1. Alejandro Navarrete Castillo

    Hey Steve where can I see Austin's work? As a videographer i'm pretty sure he got some really nice shots.

  2. Maria José Delgado

    Hey Steve! If you find yourselves in Barranquilla and want to go to an awesome and cheap place for lunch, go to Sopas, Arroces Y Mas ( Calle 99 # 43A Esquina) in Miramar. My parents own the place and it is just like going to a colombian home to eat food your mom made! You will really like it. Instagram is @sopasarrocesymas if you want to check it out 🙂 I'm also loving these Vlogs! Seeing Colombia in a whole different way is really cool.

  3. aroukos. paizis

    As someone who's currentrly planning a solo backpacking trip from europe to the coast of colombia, the exact route you're taking, I'm REALLY looking forward to the next videos and the information you have to give! 😀

  4. Felipe Hernandez

    I recommend you travel to the "Llanos Orientales" to the city of "Villavicencio – Meta" and its surroundings is a unique and beautiful place

  5. Divert Living

    Editing on point! loving it! How long will you be in New York! We go to NYC on the 14th of October for a week before we fly out. Would love to link up

  6. Nicol Figueroa

    I am soon traveling on a budget to Colombia (Cartagena and Medellín) , and your videos are and will be very usefull to me.
    Thank you!

  7. Matt Yates

    This apartment is really expensive because is a Rooms, no apartment and not luxury. I visited Bogotá And We have really but experience in Chapinero Apartment. Is better booking hotels because they clean your rooms, and offers more services for low prices.

  8. Ander Naugle

    Im 17 from Florida i have back packed around Central America but i was wondering if hostels will allow me to book in colombia since I’m only 17 and if Cartagena is a good place for a solo travel?

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